DVD Review: Louisville Live (Booth Brothers)

video_louisville_liveRating: 5 stars (of 5)

Members: Michael Booth (tenor); Ronnie Booth (lead); Jim Brady (baritone)

Song List: Tell Me the Story of Jesus; I’m Going Back; Tears Are a Language; This Love is Mine; The Eyes of Jesus; Welcome to the Family; I Would; Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet; Still Feelin’ Fine (with Greater Vision); He Saw it All; The One That I Love; Secret Place; Haven of Rest.

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Perhaps because the cost of producing a live concert video can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, increasing numbers of groups are choosing to film their live projects at the National Quartet Convention. It’s not like this is a bad thing; though live NQC footage from several years ago frequently had noticeable technical flaws, these have been ironed out, and Louisville Live and similar titles have high visual and audio production quality.

Through NQC 2007, the INSP channel filmed the event live with a five or six camera crew; starting with NQC 2008 (last year), the Gospel Music Channel has been providing live video and recording the concerts for future airing.

Louisville Live has thirteen songs from the Booth Brothers’ three mainstage sets. The editing between songs was smooth enough that it’s not immediately evident where the cuts between different sets took place.

Unlike a number of groups which make live videos a showcase of every single song from their latest recording, the Booth Brothers make Louisville Live more a taste of what a live Booth Brothers concert would sound like. They mix songs from their main-label projects with songs from their table projects, and songs with full soundtracks with songs with a lighter piano-only accompaniment. (Southern Gospel piano soloist Roy Webb provided live piano accompaniment.)

The Booth Brothers are so good at what they do that it’s hard to isolate highlights. A slow song like “The Eyes of Jesus” is as much a high point as “Welcome to the Family”โ€”and, in fact, “The Eyes of Jesus” got one of the strongest responses of the songs on the lineup. Greater Vision joining the Booth Brothers for “Still Feeling Fine” is a welcome addition to what one might find on a typical non-NQC live DVD.

There are a number of bonus features: A clip of highlights from the 2008 Singing News Fan Awards, a behind-the-scenes look at the Booth Brothers’ NQC week, and a video product pitch.

The Booth Brothers chose a strong assortment of songs to highlight, and there are no detracting audio or video flaws. So there’s really no reason not to give this project five stars.

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  1. Do you know if “The Eyes of Jesus” is the same song GV recorded on On a Journey? That one went something like “The eyes of Jesus are upon/Each footstep that I take ….. His ears are always open when I pray.”

    • Yes, the Booth Brothers recorded it on their “Carry On” project. It is a Joel Hemphill song.

  2. I have got to get this DVD but alas I have to wait till NQC, I am saving all of my money up for that week. I am even selling a ton of stuff on Ebay to raise money for NQC. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Daniel, this group is something else! Of Course, you know they are my favorite group! The harmony is something else with these three guys and they are the sweetest young men you will ever meet! Love this DVD !Thanks for giving it a 5. It was well deserved!