Saturday News Roundup #38

I’ve updated my “Looking For…” page, pulling a number of projects I’ve found and adding individual Perrys titles I’m still looking for (now that I’ve found enough past Perrys titles to make it a decently short list.)

Video of the day: Southern Gospel soloist Brandon Andrews posted a video of Speer Family members Ben, Mary Tom, and Rosa Nell singing together in a recent rare appearance.

For the next few weeks, I will have to increase the frequency of the CD reviews to twice a week. Even with faithfully posting a review each Friday, I had built a backlog of over a dozen titles waiting on a review. So for now, unless a major story bumps them to the following day, you can anticipate reviews on Mondays and Fridays. (I chose Mondays since they’re typically slow news days.)

Here’s the upcoming review schedule:

  • July 20: Songs From the Journey (Howard and Vestal Goodman)
  • July 24: Timeless (Roy Webb)
  • July 27: This Must Be Glory (Shiloh Mountain Trio)
  • July 31: Louisville Live (Booth Brothers)
  • August 3: Pickin’ Praisin’ Singin’: Songs From the Mountain (Cody Shuler and the Pine Mountain Railroad)
  • August 7: Classic DVD Review: Celebrating 50 Years (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • August 10: Classic CD Review: One Nation Over God (Dave, Duane and Neil)
  • August 14: Hold On (Dove Brothers)

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2 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Thanks for including this Speer video! I have been a fan of Ben since first becoming aware of the Speers as a child. I came along after Rosa Nell and Mary Tom had left the group, but was fortunate to hear subsequent lineups of the Speers in person several times. They were one of the few national southern gospel groups to come regularly to my neck of the woods (the Pacific Northwest) in those years. It was a real treat to once again hear Ben sing at the Fan Fest in Fresno in May of this year.

  2. I was sitting right behind Brandon when he recorded this!