Crossroads posts sound clips of new Inspirations CD

Within the past day or so, Crossroads posted sound clips of the new Inspirations CD, titled either The Son Came Down or Thank God I’ve Made It. Our first chance to get a glimpse of what the new lineup sounds like in the studio is here:

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  1. When I got the download of their newest single from Crossroads, the album was listed as The Son Came Down

  2. …and that seems to be how the cover’s listed on the Inspirations’ website.

  3. I like the “new” sound, but it is still Inspirations when you hear it. There are still hints of Archie in there and the arrangements are pretty much the same. I think it will work well for them.

  4. That, too.

    Really like the new clips. This new lineup is one to look out for. “The Son Came Down” is an absolutely stellar sound.

  5. Sorry, should say “stellar song”

  6. Dianne Wilkinson wrote the cover song you’re talking about, The Son Came Down. It’s an awesome song that should soar right up to the top of the charts. Interestingly, the Inspirations had not ever done one of her songs until this project. She actually has two songs on this new CD, which is right in line with the great quartet song-writer for which she is known.

  7. I want so bad to ask which song-writer she is known for, but I’ll refrain. 😉