A new Southern Gospel blogger debuts

Adam Edwards has joined the world of Southern Gospel bloggers with today’s launch of www.southerngospelcritique.com. I’ve read his posts on the Singing News forum, and I’ve thought for quite a while that he would make an excellent blogger. I’m glad to see that he took the plunge, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for his blog.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I think this will be very enjoyable.

  2. “Thanks for the kind words! I think this will be very enjoyable.”

    That depends on how well you can handle “constructive” criticism. LOL!

  3. I have known Roger for many years.when Roger was first diagnosed with this dreadful disease it was just before the 1994 NQC in Louisville,KY.Our booth was across the isle from The Cathedrals Quartet booth.We felt lead to pray for Roger and politely ask him over to our booth for prayer. Roger responded without hesitation and we laid hands on Roger and prayed that God would heal him. God answered our prayer some 13 years later Roger has finally received his complete healing.He has recieved his brand new body and is now at home with George and Glen.What a reunion that must be.AMEN
    Paul Rhoden

  4. Paul Rhoden and The Suwannee River Boys send their heartfelt condolences and prayerful suport to The Roger Bennett Family.He will be sorely missed by all of us in the Southern Gospel Music field.

  5. “That depends on how well you can handle “constructive” criticism. LOL!”

    Handle it……in fact, I welcome it. Ha, Ha…….