Sony’s Thoughts: You are Loved

Do you ever feel unloved? I have to admit that, although God has blessed me with a wonderful family and some great friends, there are days satan begins to mess with my mind to question whether or not I really am loved. It amazes me that, during those times of self-focus and self-pity, God often takes the time to remind me that He loves me and He has never left me, and I realize that, if God is for me, who can be against me? No weapon formed against me will prosper because I am loved by a KING!

As I ponder how easy it is to feel lonely and unloved and how rampant, therefore, depression and discouragement are, I begin to think that part of the reason so many people feel that way is due to how hectic our lives have become. It’s easy to become too busy to let people know how much they mean to us. Brothers and Sisters, this should not be. What happened to lifting up the hands that hang down and strengthening the feeble knees?

The Downings sang a song which said, “Lord, I Just Want to Know That You Still Love Me.”  I think that is what so many long for but, often, the way they feel that love is through you and me who know Him. Even our churches are filled with unhappy, depressed people. How can we spread His love if we’re not feeling it ourselves?!

No matter how much a human tries, he or she cannot fill a void that is there because of the absence of Christ. However, if you are a  Christian who feels empty and alone, I would encourage you to focus on drawing near to Him who loved you enough to suffer a horrendous death for you. Until you feel His love, nothing else will satisfy. Then ask God to show you who you can encourage and who you can show that you love them. As you express love, you will feel even more of His love.

If you are not one who struggles with feeling unloved, it may be harder for you to understand the loneliness others feel but ask God to give you compassion and to show you who may need a kind word or a smile. You may just be the person God chooses to use to spread His love.

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