Concert Review: Colonial City Quartet

I first saw the Colonial City Quartet last October (and reported on it here). I took the opportunity to hear them again yesterday morning.

They had a lineup change since the last time I saw them. Lead singer Wynn Baker left at the end of the year last year and was replaced by tenor Steve Feazel. Steve is a former member of the group, but left six years ago. When Wynn left, he was interested in taking the opportunity to return.

By the way, the part Steve sings is not a typo. Yes, the group replaced a lead singer with a tenor singer.

Just like in the October concert I attended, the group started out with “Alpha and Omega.” This time, though, I already knew they could sing harmony, so I was able to appreciate the song a little more than when I spent the first two verses wondering if they knew harmony.

Tenor David Campbell was featured on Glory Road. Having two tenors on this song brought out some unique vocal textures not heard in most renditions.
David and his father Tim Campbell (the group’s baritone) were featured on “That Little Baby.”

Tim then introduced the group before bringing Steve forward to sing “This Could be the Dawning of that Day.” Steve has a powerful first tenor voice, and again the combination of two tenors on this song brought out some interesting vocal textures.

Mike Dean was featured on “God Made a Way.” The group messed up the first few lines of the song, and re-started the song. But they handled the transition so smoothly (with a few jokes thrown in for good measure) that it could as well have been planned.

David and Steve were featured on “I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary.” They used the same soundtrack used by other groups, most memorably (in my opinion) by Mark Trammell with the Mark Trammell Trio. In fact, the soundtrack has been used by enough different groups that I’m not really sure which group actually recorded it.

On the other hand, I was able to identify the source of most of the soundtracks; for example, the group used the Gold City soundtrack for “God Handled it All,” their next song.

Tim Campbell sang “Nothing that You & Me Together Can’t Handle.” This is the one song in the program that I haven’t heard by another group. It may be original to the group.

Steve, Dave, and Mike sang the old Cathedrals song “You Can Walk on the Water.” I don’t know who originally recorded the soundtrack they used, but it clearly wasn’t the circa-1983 Cathedrals track.

Each of the singers had some solo lines on “Glory Glory Clear the Road.”

Nobody was featured on “I Love the Lord,” the song the Talleys did several years ago. An entirely different texture is brought to the song when it’s done by a quartet.

Lead/tenor Steve Feazel was featured on “I Will Go On.” The group used the Gaither Vocal Band track, but changed things a little by having David sing a tenor part above Steve’s, thus making the melody part the lead part. Given that Mike Deane was still singing a low bass part, this caused an extraordinarily wide vocal range on the song.

Tim was featured on two other Gaither Vocal Band songs, “Journey to the Sky” and “Give it Away.”

David Campbell took Kim Hopper’s part on the closing song, their rendition of the Hopper’s “Jerusalem.” Tim Campbell introduced the song by saying that he knew the song talked about John the Revelator, but that when he sang the song, he couldn’t help but thinking of his brother John, who had recently passed away. That put the song in a new light, when they sang “John saw a city that could not stay hid”…

The group is finishing a recording featuring the new lineup. I’ll be posting a review of that project once it comes out.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    The song that Colonial City did that you could not identify(Nothing that you and me together can’t handel) is most likely a song called “Me And God”. Josh Turner released it to raido soon after his hit, ‘Long Black Train”
    As for the track for “You Can Walk On The Water”, the group that David Cambell sang with before Colonial City, “Heavens Harmony Quartet”, recorded it with an original track on their first album.
    I must agree that Steve has an extraordinary voice. I have a few old recordings of the ‘CCQ’ on which Steve does an excellent job on the tenor part.