Should I list “available from”?

Frequently, when I’m doing a CD review, I’ll have one line for “available from,” giving links to various sites where the project is available. Is this a feature that any of you use?

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  1. Not really… I buy from the artist at concerts when possible. Second option is from their website… Third option is a Christian bookstore.

    • This is my usual buying path also. Except, being up here in New England, it is usually website, concert, bookstore.

  2. I check it if I’m interested. I can’t usually just buy CDs right away, but I like knowing where to find it, especially when it’s someone that isn’t available through all the major outlets.

  3. Sure. It wouldn’t hurt to know where we could get the CDs if we can’t buy directly from the artists!

  4. List just one.
    Buy local by setting a policy based on priorities.
    1. Use the link to artist’s site.
    2. Buy from the artist at the concert.
    3. Buy from your local Christian bookstore.

    This idea might be blown up if the owner of that local bookstore is a active member of your local church or local evangelical community.

    Just think, sometimes paying more could be a ministry or a blessing to others.

  5. Sorry, JEB.
    I missed your comment until after posted the comment.

  6. I have fully intended to start doing this again with all my CD reviews. Maybe someday, I’ll find the time.

    (Actually, I just need to quit playing Peggle long enough to do it.)