Video of the Day: Garry Jones and Friends

SGConcerts’s Diana Brantley recently posted a video with several clips from a recent concert by Garry Jones and friends. The lineup appearing was former Gold City tenor Jay Parrack, former Gold City / Mercy’s Mark pianist Garry Jones singing baritone, former Mercy’s Mark bass Chris West singing bass, and West’s brother Craig singing lead.

Of particular interest is Jay Parrack’s rendition of “Glory Road.” He proves he hasn’t lost any of his range or ability with several years off the road.

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  1. Awesome footage. You guys form a group and hit the road. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what Garry is going to do, but I KNOW that Jay is VERY, VERY happy where he is and is not planning to make any changes. It looked like he had a really good time with them though.

  3. I saw them last weekend, and Jay flat out told us he was NOT going to be joining them. HE was filling in for the weekend and then going on vacation with his wife, who was there too.
    I will say that they had some major technical difficulties and it was not what it could have been. Garry and the other 2 guys seemed very uneasy, which is understandable. Jay finally got Garry to go to the piano which turned out to be better. Nuf said on that…..

  4. Jay has always been my favorite GC tenor, he pulled of that high stuff better than anyone. Craig, where have you been? You can sang!! Thanks Diana for the good clips, you’re a faithful SG fan.