Post of the Day: Inspirations Concert Review

RogerBennett_Fan, a poster at SouthernGospelForums, posted a detailed review of a concert by the new Inspirations lineup here.  (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

It’s a better review than some of the ones I write, so adding that to the level of curiosity about the new lineup, I thought it was worth passing along.

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  1. When you click the link it is on page 49….
    I saw the Inspirations back a couple months ago and had the same observations. Everybody in the group, including Martin and Mike seem to have a renewed zeal for what they are doing and Dallas was made for this position. Unlike other times, I think you will see Dallas with the Inspirations as long as Martin continues to keep the group singing. If you liked the Inspirations before you will LOVE them now!!

    • Ah – the direct link to the post only seems to work for logged-in members. Odd!

      • When I scroll my mouse over it it has “unread” in it. Would that be why? I found it on my own last night; however, it will be “lost” in a few days or weeks.

  2. I would have to say that I’ve never really liked The Inspos’ I’ve always admired their morals and conduct. But then Dallas joined and I love his singing, and they were close by one night. I Loved It! I really enjoyed their energy and carisma on stage. And Mike is a monster bass singer, I think he even moved across stage a few times. I honestly think if they had a good live band, they would be a force to be dealt with. I would encourage everyone to go and see them sometime.