Guy Penrod launches website

guyAfter roughly a year of waiting, Guy Penrod’s next step is a little more clear. He’s launched a new website at, complete with sound clips from his new country CD, Breathe Deep.

Most of the songs seem to have no specifically Gospel lyrics, but five of the thirteen are exceptions (“Every Saint,” “The World Goes Round,” “Maker Of Them All,” “Broken Ones,” “Knowing What I Know About Heaven.”) Particularly interesting is Penrod’s cover of the Talley Trio’s “Broken Ones”; even in the Talley’s able power-Gospel-harmony arrangements, it felt like a country song, and Penrod’s version has a ring of raw authenticity that seems to fit the lyric perfectly.

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  1. Daniel,
    Interesting that you don’t consider a song with a title/hook “Pray About Everything” to be Gospel. Granted, the snippet of lyric we hear in the clip doesn’t specifically define which God the mother is encouraging her son to pray to, but most listeners can guess.

    I’m not sure I like the slant of a couple of lyrics, but I’ll reserve judgment until I can hear those whole songs.

    This CD isn’t really as aggressive musically as I thought it might be.

    • Honestly, I’m thinking I just missed that one.

      • I find it interesting that the song “Pray About Everything” is also on Gordon Mote’s new CD, I Will Sing. It’s track number 10. I wonder if it is the same song.

  2. So, Daniel, I am curious….when I posed the question about a gospel artist recording a secular song, you said you wouldn’t buy it. Does this apply to Guy’s CD, which isn’t necessarily gospel in nature and doesn’t include 100% gospel music?

  3. I gotta say … I’m on track 13, and this is probably the best “country gospel” CD I’ve heard, and it isn’t even supposed to be necessarily gospel. The one “Young Enough to Learn” sounds like it has a lot more depth to it than a lot of songs, and I’m not sure it isn’t gospel too. Even if “Are You the One” might not be my cup of tea, it is saying something that folks need to think about it.

    However, I ought to add a disclaimer that I have heard very, very few country gospel CDs. Some Statler Brothers, intended for SG, and some stuff playing in other people’s stereos.

  4. I like the samples, just because I miss his voice. But I must say I’m disappointed in the trend of southern gospel gone country, or to put it in more general terms, secular. I bought the new David Phelps CD, “The Voice”. It has one gospel song on it. Everything else is secular. I was disappointed.

    However, Guy’s CD, although it is labeled and sounds country, still has a gospel message inter-woven in the songs that are running just under the surface (at least in the samples I heard). I am surprised that “Jesus and John Wayne” isn’t on the CD. That is a Guy Penrod classic. Maybe Bill Gaither wouldn’t give him permission to use it (?).

    • I am in total agreement with you. When I hear Guy sing on Bill Gaither Gospel Hour, I get chills. He is such a passionate singer and stands behind his beliefs. All you have to do is listen to the words of the songs on “Breathe Deep” and you know what the message is. Every listener will interpret their own way. But Guy Penrod and his beautiful family are spiritual people, I say KUDOS to you Guy, although I miss hearing you sing with the GVB.

  5. Daniel:
    Will you be writing a full review on the CD anytime soon?

  6. I have the new Guy Penrod CD.. and I find it to be very “real” and it’s quickly become my favorite.
    It isn’t a whole bunch of singing about heaven (though the last song, “Knowing What I Know About Heaven” is very poignant). I think the CD reflects Guy’s life and talks about his commitment to his wife, his responsibility to his kids, and about hanging on and hanging in there. It may not be completely “church” music, but it’s very Christian. I just love it.

  7. After all the rumors, all the speculation, all the waiting, all the hoping and the praying, the CD is out. I’ve got mine. Ordered it from Guy Penrod’s website, received it very promptly. I am thrilled to say that now that I hear this wonderful compilation of beautiful songs packed with everything I’d expect from this great singer, I’m a believer and my new favorite genre is Country Gospel and my new favorite Country Gospel singer is Guy Penrod. I’m no critic of anything, but I know good music when I hear it and I know good lyrics when I hear them and Guy’s voice is as good and strong and beautiful as ever. Guy, you’re the Best!

  8. “Breathe Deep” seems to me to be as true a musical reflection of Guy Penrod’s stand as a man and as a Christian artist as one could want in a debut album. Not every track is purely gospel, only about half, but the overall messages are about commitment, compassion, redemption, responsibility, faith, fatherhood, and love… Which of those is not a basic Christian message. There is certainly no better advice than “Pray About Everything”, nor better comfort than in “Knowing What I Know About Heaven”, nor better reminder than in “Maker of Us All”. As a long-time Penrod fan, I could not be more pleased with this first solo CD–the first of many, I hope–and I will look forward to each new one in turn, knowing that his integrity as a Christian will never let me down and that his God-given gifts as an artist will always lift me up. What a voice! Terrific CD!

    • Jana,
      I could not have said it better!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! I love that the song “Breathe Deep” is inspired by his dad. We ALL should take a moment to breathe deep… maybe then we may listen and HEAR..the message that is meant for us.

  9. Denise, Judy and Jana, Thank you all for saying what a lot of other people think. I have only heard the clips from the website so far but hopefully I’ll get my CD soon. Although as Denise said every song is not “church music”, they are all very much christian music. Guy’s music ministry has touched many people and will continue to do so with this CD. Check out Communities and go to Guy Penrod’s Place to read some of them. I also look forward to many more CD’s from Guy and a wonderful career for this fine Christian man. God bless him and his family. And you’re right Jana-What a voice.

  10. Being such a huge fan I hesitated to comment. But I think the C.D. sd just as Godly as any SG C.D. I have heard. It has God all over it. Almost every song presents Christian morality and Godly principles. I love it. I was curious, Daniel, as to why you are not reviewing it. Is it because it has not officially released as yet?

    • Actually, it’s pretty simple: I only review Southern Gospel CDs on this site.

      Now I might purchase the CD, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I really enjoy at least the more Gospel-oriented tracks on it. The last song, especially, really sounds great.

      I just stick to CDs that are specifically SG on here.

  11. If you purchase it, you will love it. These are some of the deepest lyrics I have ever heard. What a message!

    I am really surprised at the lack on interest, given the amount of interest when he left VB. Was he gone too long? I hope he does well with his concerts.

    • I think it’s not so much that as that it’s somewhat different stylistically from what he did with GVB. While a GVB CD might have one country Gospel track, a couple of progressive songs, a couple of convention songs, and a handful of big ballads, this one doesn’t have any convention songs or big ballads.

      So (all lyrical discussions aside), the people who primarily liked the convention songs and the big ballads and didn’t care as much for the country styles probably wouldn’t be quite as interested in this one.

      • Count me as one of those, Daniel. I obviously don’t have anything against Guy or the CD, but this one’s not really in “my” genre. I don’t really listen to many soloists in general. In the same way, I loved Gold City with Ivan Parker, but don’t care much for his solo work. Southern gospel is definitely a group-oriented genre. I’m happy for Guy, though, and I’m sure he’ll be successful!

  12. The whole idea of the album not being a Southern Gospel cd is so funny to me. If it’s pointing people to Jesus then it’s the gospel, right? I love that it’s not church music. If you think about it, Jesus didn’t sit in a church all day every day. He went out into the world where people are. He didn’t sit in the church hoping the sinners would walk in the door so He could minister to them. He met them where they are which is what Guy is doing. What an awesome ministry tool!!! Praise the Lord that Guy was willing to step out into the world where we are so afraid to venture!

    • An album can be all that you say without being a Southern Gospel CD. Southern Gospel refers to a specific genre of music.

      A CD can be Contemporary Christian Music, Christian rap, Christian metal, or any number of other genres and do all that you say—include being for the purpose of spreading the Gospel—and still not be a Southern Gospel CD.

      • Oh, I completely understand music genres. I’m just saying that Southern Gospel music is basically old style country music…about God or the Christian walk. It makes me sad that so many people are going to miss out on this good music because they’re upset that he’s “gone country”. You, of course don’t have to review his cd or any cd for that matter. But maybe your review of it could help others have more of an open mind. The most important thing in all of this is that the Lord be glorified!

      • I agree with you! People are going to miss a great cd! If they would stop and listen to some of the GVB they would hear some gospel with country sound. I think the Breath Deep cd is great!!! I wish Guy all the BEST!!!!!

  13. I’m hoping at some point Guy will do a taping of these songs. They may not be tradition SG, but the message is deeper than any Gaither DVD it have seen! From loving your wife (a lifetime) to nuturing your children and taking responsibility for them, to encouraging them to ‘wait’ for physical pleasures, to prioritizing material things, to a Godly view of heaven…on and on I could go! Can’t wait for a DVD!

  14. I was one of those who was disappointed the Guy left David Phelps (I don’t care if he left GVB). The anointing of those two guys together is staggering. Such zeal and humility before God.

    As disappointed as I was, I shouldn’t have been. His move to the country side is truly an example of going into the hedges and highways. This album, I believe, will compel them to come in, so that our Father’s house may be filled.

    I cried when I heard “Breathe Deep” and “With What I Know About Heaven.” I am rarely moved to tears by lyrics, but these moved me.

    I do have to say, though, that I kept waiting to hear Guy’s voice. Maybe it was my computer, but it just didn’t sound like the magnificent voice I enjoyed with the GVB.

    No matter, I love Guy Penrod and wish him well.

    • It’s the Guy of “Jesus and John Wayne,” not the Guy of “Sinner Saved By Grace.”

    • …which, just to clarify, was my roundabout way of saying that he’s done material that sounds like this before.

      • This is for Zoe—-when you get your Breathe Deep CD, you will HEAR that great voice. No doubt about it.
        I just love it!!!!!

  15. Zoe, part may be your computer speakers, but what Daniel said it true. He doesn’t belt it out like “Worthy is the Lamb”, but I love it just the same. It may be a quieter C.D., but the message is there and the lyrics are dynamite! I don’t know that every C.D. will be ‘country’. At his recent debut concert he sang a balance of hymns, gospel and his new more ‘country’ songs. We’ll wait and see. I would love for him on the next C.D. to do a couple of songs like “Worthy”… .

  16. Call it what you want, country or gospel it came out perfect and Guy’s testamoney and faith in God is well proven in this CD.
    I was in Branson for the concert and drove 600 miles to get there and it was worth every mile I travled. Buy the CD. I plan on giving them as Christmas cards this year. I love Guy and Angie.

  17. I am just so happy that Guy is back whether Gospel or Country. I think the GVB and Gaithers will never be the same and have no reason to see them again. Guy brought the crowd. I can’t wait to see a schedule and know when he will be in VA or in another state near. So………………….pleased to finally get some news on Guy Penrod. The Best of All in my book. What a great Christian man and family man.
    Connie Staton

    • Couldn’t agree with you more!!!!

  18. I just read comment #17 How true Connie and I can’t wait to see him in Northern Indiana or southern Michigan and will work to get the job done. Guy and Angie are Awasome Christian people and I love them dearly.I am looking for a schedule too.

  19. The splash page on Guy’s website say a new website will launch soon. Maybe there will be a schedule on there. There is also a place on there to sign up for a newsletter.

  20. AMEN Connie, I know I will not being going back…went to a concert last December,and it was not even close to being the same.

    We should know his schedule in about eight more days! I sure hope he’s coming to the midwest!

  21. You know I’m a big Guy Penrod fan and I plan on buying his CD soon. He is one of the best lead singers of all time. I have loved all of the incarnations of the GVB that he has been apart of. That being said as a fan of Guy, I refuse to disrespect the Vocal Band the way it has been here. It’s almost as if y’all feel like if you listen to both that it’s wrong. That somehow Gaither did Guy wrong and you’re a traitor if you listen to both.
    Well I don’t.
    I really like the samples of Guy’s new CD and the new Vocal Band is incredible.

    I know there were a lot of disappointed people when Guy left and I can totally side with them. It is disappointing when you love something and it changes. And most people have been respectful about the change. But others… I mean come on!
    There’s a difference between preferring someone over another but to completely dismiss something as sub-par because your favorite isn’t in it is just ridiculous.

    “Deeper than any Gaither DVD”?

    Tell that to the thousands of people who have been ministered to by those DVDs. People who have been saved by someone getting through to them. Tell that to Guy who fell to his knees and worshiped during “Worthy the Lamb” on the Give It Away DVD. Was that message not deep enough to compare? Those videos have meant a lot to many people and I can tell you they were getting blessed whether Guy was apart of them or not.

    “Guy brought the crowd” ?

    I don’t mean to pick you out but in one sentence you totally demean every single artist that has stepped on the stage with Guy. As if without him they would be drowning and without a career.

    As for the new Vocal Band and bringing a crowd…

    First of all, you have probably the greatest tenor alive in the GVB at the moment, one the greatest lead singers of all time, the most well known Christian comedian and one of the greatest baritones, a young tenor who has gained himself a healthy fanbase, and the legend/namesake of the Vocal Band/Songwriter of the Century himself.
    I honestly don’t think they’re suffering right now without Guy in the group.

    “No reason to see them again”

    Because Guy isn’t there?

    My pastor actually told a story today that is similar to this situation.
    Henry Ward Beecher.
    Ever hear of him?
    Well he was the Joel Osteen of his time.
    He had thousands of people come to listen to him but one day he was unable to preach and asked his brother Thomas to preach the sermon instead. As soon as Thomas came to the pulpit hundreds of people started to get up and walk out of the building. Thomas then said, “If you’re here to worship Henry Ward Beecher you may go. If you’re here to worship Jesus you may stay.”

    I just want y’all to think about that for a moment.

    Also… in December there wasn’t even a group yet. It was Wes and Marshall having to adapt to whatever singer Gaither had available that night whether it was David, Mark, Reggie Smith, or Jason Crabb.

    I am excited to see where Guy will be touring in the coming year. And if he makes his way to Texas be rest assured I will go see him. I don’t care whether his CD is Southern Gospel or Country I just love his voice. But I love other’s voices as well.

    I didn’t write this to be mean and I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I just wish you all could have been there in San Antonio with the Vocal Band and felt the spirit move throughout the theater. Then you would know how silly these comments sound. There’s an anointing over this new group just as I’m sure there is one over Guy’s solo career. I choose to support both. And if I didn’t I would choose to do so without knocking the other.

    • I will continue to listen to the GVB, but I personally do not care for Michael English. He is no where near the lead singer that Guy Penrod is. I will miss Guy tremendously.

      • Guy Penrod was my favorite lead singer of the Vocal Band too. My favorite GVB was the Phelps, Penrod, Lowry group. I miss him too. 14 years is a long time to be around to not miss him. But I’m really glad he’s finally out in public with his album to put a lot of concerned people to rest. 5 more days till his new website is launched. Hopefully he’ll have tour dates up! 🙂
        This new group has quickly turned into my second fav GVB though. It’s definitely different. More soul instead of country. Michael English has grown on me a lot. If you ever get a chance to see a GVB concert go to his table and talk to him. He’s super nice!

  22. Katie … awesome post. I couldn’t agree more, and you said it better than I could have.

    It’s a good reminder. Especially the part about Henry Ward Beecher’s brother.

    • Thank You, Daniel.

      Sorry it kinda turned out to be an essay… 🙂

  23. Katie, I respectfully say, to each their own. You have your own opinions and some of us have another. I was not trying to disrespect anyone, artist or otherwise, with my remarks. I was simply voicing my opinion. That’s the beauty of this board! I hope to never sound disrespectful toward any other person.

  24. Gaithergirl,

    I hope you don’t think my post was meant to stifle someone’s voice. I am very aware everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The whole premise of my post was to bring to light how disrespectful the comments sound (whether you meant it that way or not) and to simply state that it is *okay* to like both. It’s important to remember to fall in love with the message and not the messenger. What I don’t understand is why there is a need to knock one or the other. Why?
    Please read my post again, you may find there is more fact in the content than just my opinions.

  25. I heard Mark Lowry say once that going to a GVB concert was like going to a buffet. You don’t have to like everything, you just take what you like and leave the rest alone. But if there is only one thing on the buffet that I like, and that item is taken off, it’s time for me to find another place to eat.

  26. Rita,
    I totally agree with you. You like what you like and if not it’s time to move on and leave the rest alone.

    Key Words: Leave the rest alone.
    When you find there is nothing left that you like, is it ever necessary to turn over the buffet table while you’re exiting? 🙂

    • You pose an interesting question!

      I would say that the answer is no—that in the event you like nothing on a buffet, it’s always better to quietly exit and leave those who enjoy what is there to enjoy it in peace. 🙂

      • Sorry, I didn’t realize I was disrupting anyone’s peace.

  27. I’m feeling like anyone who happens to disagree with the majority is no longer welcome to express any opinion here. So, I will exit quietly and bother no one again.

    • Me too. I’m going with you. I will continue to visit the site, quietly, because this is where you get the most current news and I appreciate Daniel.

  28. You are certainly both welcome to participate—I welcome all constructive discussion.

    I do apologize if any part of my comment came across too harshly. I meant it in a kindly, friendly sort of way.

  29. I didn’t see anything in your post that was too harsh, Daniel. I think your comment about “enjoying the buffet in peace” was meant to refer to the GVB and their music and not referring to anyone disturbing the peace on this website. At least I didn’t take it that way.

    The problem with posting, texting, emailing–writing in general, is that we can’t inflect our tone, emotion, or passion into what we’re saying. And many times when that is left up to the reader to interpret, it’s mis-interpreted. I, for one, have had what I consider some of the more spirited conversations on this website, but I’ve never felt like we’ve been disrespectful of each other.

    So, Rita, I think Daniel meant the comment about enjoying the buffet in peace as a referral to the GVB and not you personally.

  30. Hi!!!
    bueno yo creo q el momento cumbre de los GVB fue justo en la epoca donde estaban juntos Guy penrod, David Phelps, Mark lowry, Bill gaither.

    Fue una epoca que estoy segura q muchos no podran olvidar fue un conjunto de voces acordes q empastaban muy bien.


  31. Thanks Guy Penrod!!
    Well its great to be part of viewing your website,,,,anyway just to say that it’s great and may God bless you as you continue to be part of God’s ministry especially in music industries,,,well just congratulated you!!,,,,,you song’s really upliefed my soul and flee my spirit
    may God bless in his Sevices
    Kaweriki Church,Vanuatu!!

  32. I was in Branson at Guy’s concert. I’d have to say that in order to fully understand his heart – and the choice of material for his first solo CD – you’d have to see him in person.
    He used the SUBJECT MATTER of each song to convey a spiritual truth. To infer that he has “sold out” or “gone country” would be so utterly inaccurate that it would be a tragic conclusion.
    He sang some of those songs he sang with the GVB, but his purpose seemed to be to get a message across that we are all dependent on God to help us through ever day life and it’s challenges. The songs touched on subjects like being a father who teaches his kids right from wrong; his commitment to his wife; reminding teens to remain pure; talking about friends who stick with you through thick and thin; about heaven.
    The concert had moments where he seemed like more of a preacher than a singer. His fun side came out and yet he had moment where his piano player friend and wife and Guy sang hymns and worship.
    don’t judge a book by it’s cover nor a man’s heart by a non SGM CD.

    • Well said!!!

  33. Glad that Guy is around and making good singing available…My
    sincere wish is for Marshall Hall to make a few appearances…I see
    Jimmy Swaggert is back and he is an a one singer and I am trying so hard to forget his past and not be his judge -but I do not care
    to buy any thing he is trying to sell…Peace Joe Sahadi

  34. I read with interest the above comments regarding both GVB and Guy Penrod. There is no question in my heart and mind that Guy has the most inspiring and spiritual voice singing SG or country. I hear God’s voice through it all. I will continue to support both sides here but I have to support the comment that no one has replaced Guy Penrod and his role in GVB in heart and voice. Thanks Guy. I too was at the Branson Concert and feel the christian spirit and message was throughout. It was not a country concert.

  35. Amen to all that Katie said.
    Guy will always be my favorite singer, but we must take care not to put him on a pedastal.

  36. Hello everybody! Just a note to let you know that is fully updated and even includes interesting quotes from GP in the “about” section. Take a look-see!

  37. Thank you JayTee – I thoroughly enjoyed Guy’s website. Great photos and info. So glad he will be doing a concert in my area.

  38. Is his new cd avaiable in stores?

  39. Hi, I just got my Breathe Deep CD and I think it’s a really solid project. Guy’s vocals are perfect, the harmonies are really tight, and I love the rich instrumental tapestry that accompanies each track.. there seems to be enough difference in the lyrical content that would allow for this project to reach a broad audience.. and yet commitment to the Lord, to family values and to living honest before God and man are recurrent themes throughout.
    i think even a non country fan is going to be impacted by the lyrics on many of the songs..
    I give “Breathe Deep” 5 stars– a truly inspiring musical journey that meanders through a rich spiritual landscape!!!

  40. Guy I miss you on GVB, it’s not the same without you.
    Do you have a schedule of where you will be?
    I would love to be on your email list.
    You are the BEST, smile and have a Blessed week.

  41. i absolutley love guy and cant wait to get his new album, sad he is not with GVB, they were recently here in the UK and i was really looking forward 2 seeing him perform with the band as i didnt know he had left. i wish him the best of luck on his solo career. MAY THE GOOD LORD KEEP YOU GUY

  42. Almost a year down the line I strongly recommend Guy think of a career as a preacher and not a singer. He could leave the singing to his sons. His voice aint what it was.

  43. I just attended his singing/preaching in Lexington, Ky last night and am still riding on the clouds. He has an excellent voice and a profound message. His presence will win over souls for Jesus. That is his mission and anyone who has ever seen him either on the Gaithers on on his own would know this. He has the calling and is fullfilling the job God has given him. He once said he and his wife never planned anything. They left the planning up to God and are following His divine plan. I would go to another of his “lessons” in loving the Lord anytime I can.

  44. To: Amy Rogers….The song “Are You The One” makes me really think about “Was I the One” who taught my 4 children in the true Christian way. While they were home, they went to church and I tried to tell them right from wrong. But was I the one who taught them what they needed to make it through this life and make it into heaven.. They are all grown now, have their own children and even a few (10) grandchildren. This song is something every young person should really listen to. The first time I heard it, I didn’t get the message. The second tim, I realized what the words were saying. Just my thoughts.

  45. To Megan W. The song was composed by Bob Egan and Jeff Stevens. I am sure more than one artist has recorded this sone, because it has a message. I believe Guy Penrod is blessed by God and fulfilling Gods agenda for his life. Just enjoy the songs and message Guy is delivering with the anointing of God. If you listen close, you will feel the anointing and you will never forget the feeling. Not because it is sung by Guy Penrod, but because the message is real.

  46. Well it has been 2 1/2 yrs ago that I first heard Guy Penrod. We selected a Gaither song “He Touhed Me” for my husband’s funeral. I knew the song from a Gaither Trio CD. After the funeral I googled He Touched Me and the Gaithers and the song appeared on youtube with Guy Penrod; Russ Taft; and David Phelps. Bill Gaither was there and Mark Lowry at the Austrialian Homecoming taping. Guy Penrod’s voice and music blew me out of the water. On the same goggle there was the “Old Rugged Cross” where Guy spoke. I found him singing “Knowing You are There” and it went on and on. I watched Guy’s music with the Gaithers of course. At the end of 2008 I noted they were coming close by. But guess what? Guy was no longer with the group. I was crushed but prayed for him and his family. I kept in touch with the web sites and finally it appeared. Guy Penrod’s first solo conert in Branson MO. I went and have been to 4 more concerts. Two with Jason Crabb which were all great. Guy’s music is a blessing and his message is REAL! I have missed very few days of not listening to something of Guy, whether in my car; on youtube or DVDs. God bless Guy’s ministry and his dear family. It is so wonderful that they have all the ability to offer Guy’s fans such a reward even though I am sure it is a sacrifice for them all. Have I seen changes in 2 1/2 years–you bet! But it has all gotten me through!

    • I should add that I like all of his music from gospel to country and in between.

  47. Guy has been a wonderful role model for our children. He walks the walk and talks the talk. I have been so disappointed in football stars who profess to be role models, some of whom are Christians. Guy, do raise the bar to the place where so many kids will see Jesus in you and say, “Lord, we will run after Thee!

  48. i love this

  49. Comment

  50. Mr.Guy Penrod. Let me start by saying,you have been a real blessing to me and my family.And I would like for you to listen to your heart. I have been waiting for you to contact me to tell me what the Lord wants me to do. I know there is something that has been on your heart to tell someone but you did not know how.So I thought I would help you to know how,and,who. And I would like you to tell your family that I don”t know them in person,but I know what you stand for and we love them all. …………………………………………………………………………………..GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY Delmar Moore.

  51. you probably don’t remember me I was saved under your father’s preaching. I listen to you as often as I can . Glad to
    see you used your talent for god. I went to temple Baptist in las cruces in 1971 thru 1976 . loved your father a great deal
    keep up the good work