Videos of the Day: Gold City

With the rapid changes in Gold City’s lineup lately, here a couple of videos worthy of notice.

First, what will be a rare snapshot of the brief Cooper/Taliaferro/Riley/McCune lineup:

Second, here’s a recent video of the Gold City trio:

Danny Riley’s brief bass run is actually pretty good (if that’s him, and it may well beβ€”it definitely has a Riley/McCune oomph to it, perhaps revealing a hidden talent on Riley’s part.)

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  1. I have been a GC fan for most of my life, even though I am only in my upper 20s. Even though I think their heyday was back when the lineup was Jay, Jon, Mark, and Tim, I still enjoyed their Revival album. So I would say they did a good job on this song as a trio, even though I was looking for Danny to do his “bass run” again at the end of the song. πŸ™‚ And just from listening, I really couldn’t tell that Steve wasn’t singing with them. So good job, Chris. On a side note, I hope GC doesn’t go the way of Crossway, who, as you know, is now singing as a duo, who sounds nothing close to SG. So sad, since they started out as a pretty traditional quartet. Just listen to some of the songs on their No Distrations album. But that’s another subject for another time. Anyway….

    • Oops, I should have said “their No Distractions album”. But I think you knew what I meant. πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed listening to the trio. I watched a video of the quartet from right before Aaron left and they seemed really uneasy on stage. They looked really relaxed and enjoying themselves on this one.

  3. I think I may have been to either their last or next to last concert before Aaron left. It was in Silsbee, TX on August 8th. They may have had a concert on Sunday Aug 9. Aaron left Aug 11. I tried to talk to him at the concert and he seemed really stand-offish and aloof. Probably just had a lot on his mind.

  4. Gold City did have a concert on August 9th!! It was in Pineville, La. I was there!! It was Josh and Aaron’s last concert!!