Sony’s Thoughts: The Greatest of These is Love

For those who have figured out that I often write on the same theme over and over, I tend to write on what God is doing in my life and, right now, love and care for others seems to be a major part of what God is speaking.

I was reading First Corinthians 13 yesterday morning and was struck again by the importance of loving others. People are the only “thing” we take with us to eternity and it seems like we so often take them for granted.

How can we begin to see people not as problems, but as souls who Jesus died for? It begins with allowing God to change our heart. He is the only One who truly knows how to love others but He’s happy to show us if we would surrender our feelings and emotions to Him.

Relationships are work but they are worth it. How hard it is to stand alone during a crisis; yet, how wonderful when we have others to help lift us up and stand in the gap. How nice to have an arm around my shoulder and to hear a kind word when I’m going through a difficult time. Yet, how many don’t have that!

I just returned from a two-week road trip and, although really tired, I feel rejuvenated by the love God poured out on us through various Brothers and Sisters we had the opportunity to fellowship with. My prayer is that I would not hoard that love but that I will give the love that I have received out to others so that I have room in my heart to receive more. His love is never ending, and I pray we never stop allowing His love to flow through us.

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  1. Wow, I’ve had so much going on in my life recently that I forgot you were going to be gone! I am sorry that I missed being able to see you while you crossed my “part of the woods.” Not that there are many woods in Kansas.

    I did notice that you hadn’t posted anything for a little while. Glad everything is OK, and as always, I enjoy reading.

    Someone told me recently that I should not let myself get wrapped up emotionally or involved in acquaintances, because it can mean getting hurt. I said that the Lord had showed me through some friendships years ago that we do need to open up and love people (especially if He has given us a burden for them), even though they may let us down in the end. That’s how He loved us. It is good to read your reminder of that again!

    • You are so right in that last paragraph. I’ve gone through times when I’ve decided self-protection was the way to go but we can’t protect ourselves and love others. People will let us down if they take the place of Christ but, if we love them with Christ’s love and if our focus is on Him, He will carry us through the pain and heartache we encounter.

      I was disappointed I wasn’t able to see you but maybe God will take us that way again. I do hope to meet you one day.