Legacy Five staying on the road

Singing News just posted an interview Danny Jones did with Scott Fowler. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] The highlights are that Legacy Five will stay on the road, and that they are seeking a new pianist (thus suggesting either that Tim Parton was just filling in and didn’t want to stay permanently, or that he hasn’t decided yet).

I’d personally love to see them give Stewart Varnado a chance at the position. Stewart excels at playing old-time piano without soundtracks (though he can accompany soundtracks as well), and I think adding that element to their concerts would keep their live programs from being too heavy on soundtracks.

Nobody will ever “replace” Roger, and that’s why I think the group would be doing well to find someone with an excellent but entirely different style.

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  1. I agree that no one will ever fill the position like Roger, but I’d love to see them keep Tim Parton. I think Stewart would do a great job as well if Tim didn’t want to stay on permanently.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think Stewart would do a great job there, and it seems that Roger may have been grooming him for this position for some time now, but I wonder if the Dixie Echoes have you on their Christmas card list for constantly wanting to give their pianist away……;-)

  3. Don’t forget, Daniel also wants to give away their tenor to The Inspirations 😉

  4. Oh, dear me. I’m away for the morning and while the cat was away the mice played. I like all the Dixie Echoes members with that group. But yes, it’s also the case that I like them individually quite a bit and when an opening appears in another group, I consider what they would bring to that group as well. 🙂

  5. Jon, you bought up a good point. Roger did seem to be ‘grooming’ Stewart for something for a while. I remember him bringing Stewart on stage to play for L5 on stage at NQC a couple of years ago. Coincidence?

  6. That did not escape my attention, either, and I guess it’s been in the back of my mind ever since.

  7. My Lord son, you want as much or more shakeups in personnel than anybody I’ve ever seen. Southern gospel fans are the world’s worst to want a musician will go from group A to group B, and then complain about too many personnel changes 15 minutes later. Here’s an idea…maybe they should hire Jeff Stice, or Matthew Holt, or Nic Succi, or Jerry Kelso.

  8. anthonydrummer,

    Group changes are a simple fact of life in Southern Gospel. Accepting it as a fact of life, the speculation is just regarding who it will be, not whether it will happen.

  9. I think Stewart would go well with L5, BUT, would that really be a good move for Stewart? The DEs are not that far from home and family(Franklinton LA), he owns a house in FL, with the DEs he has 3 other guys in the group his age that I think he gets along with well(in L5 they are all older guys with families)…Randy treats him well allowing him all the space he needs to sell his solo CDs….well, just personally I would much rather that the DE stay the way they are for the next 10 years or so….to me they have the best sound and personel they have had for many years and I would like to see them keep it all together!!

  10. Thanks, anthonydrummer, for the chuckle I got when I read your suggestion of Nic Succi being the pianist for Legacy Five!!!!! Not that he’s not a very gifted pianist, but somehow I just can’t see him fitting in with this particular group!!

  11. I would love to see the Dixie Echoes stay together, don’t mistake me at all. My comments were much more in the line of speculation of how L5 would change with such a move than out of hopes that someone would notice it and give Stewart a call.

  12. Stuart would be an excellent pianist for L5. Of course, no one will ever replace Roger.
    I would love to see the group go to all live music and skip the tracks. They could excell at that.
    But, the Dixie Echoes would be in a pinch for a while.

  13. Daniel,

    Ever thought of finding out whether Stewart would even be INTERESTED in moving on to L5?

    I think it’s cute for all of us to do this speculation, but these are people with lives and families…not playing cards or chess pieces we can simply move around at a whim.

  14. Inquirer,