Daniel Riley on the future of Gold City

SoGospelNews has posted an interview with Daniel Riley, baritone and emcee for Gold City, about the group’s future in the light of several recent lineup changes. The full interview is here; a couple of highlights: [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.

  • He said that while Tim Riley has made guest appearances and may make others, he’s not coming back on the road.
  • He addressed the recent stream of personnel changes: “Danny can’t explain why individuals might feel God is leading them in different ways, but it happens. Gold City tries to take care of their people as good as or better than anyone else in the industry. Daniel says he hates to call it an attack of Satan, but he doesn’t know what else to call it. They have had more testings of their faith in the last three years than they care to talk about. The attacks on the group and individuals in the group has been very hard, but they are weathering the storms.”
  • And he said he isn’t sure where Gold City will be heading in the future, but “to be honest, I’m not real sure where God is leading us, but I know that it is going to be somewhere exciting and good for us. Every one of us who is a part of Gold City loves every aspect of what we do and look forward to where God is taking us.”

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  1. Our prayers are with Gold City. They have always been one of my favorite quartets and have always seemed to be ministering instead of entertaining. God will use them according to His purpose. We all need to pray for them as they have undergone some personnel changes and rumors swirl. I myself have been caught up in rumors about why someone leaves a group but we as Christians do need to pray for them that they continue to do His work. Thanks Daniel M. for the link to the article. Daniel R, know that we are praying for y’all. God bless you! We will see you at the quartet convention.
    Daniel M., will you be at the quartet convention this year?

  2. I will keep them all in our prayers.

  3. One bit of terrible news here…. Tim isn’t coming back! 🙁