How do you use this site?

How do you use this website?

More specifically, do you use it as your primary (or sole) source of news, or do you keep up with the news elsewhere and come here for commentary?

From the start, I’ve posted big stories (Roger Bennett’s passing, Penrod/Hall leave GVB) within 5 minutes of when I hear them. But especially lately, whenever I come across a story that’s not quite so big, I’ll hold it over to the next day, pondering the situation meanwhile to see if I can come up with any insights.

So which would you prefer? Would you prefer I post news stories as soon as they come up, and perhaps do a follow-up post with further insights where applicable? Or do you like the current schedule, where I do a post around 7 AM (EDT) each morning, reflecting on the biggest story of the previous day?

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  1. I’m like Steve — yours is the first blog I check each morning and I also check occasionally during the day.

    I agree with your strategy of posting the big stories right away and holding off on the not-so-big ones.

  2. When I get on in the mornings I go to my e-mail, ebay, facebook, then this website. I go here because I find it the most enjoyable and most of the people who comment here aren’t ignorant. I also come here because you post daily…even if there is no breaking news.

    Most of the time I’ll check the other blogs once or maybe even twice a week because they don’t post as often.

    By the way, I didn’t forget about those records. E-mail me and tell me where to send them and I’ll get them out this weekend.

    • Actually, ignorant people do comment on this site. I merely delete their comments and leave the acceptable ones up. 😈

  3. I check this site first thing in the morning and periodically during the day. I like getting the breaking news as soon as possible. Daniel, you are always on top of things. I like the idea of posting as soon as some breaking news comes to light and then doing a follow up post to get your thoughts. But that is just my opinion.

  4. I check this site first thing in the morning and several times during the day to read comments, other blogs I check maybe once a week. I don’t know how you keep up with everything but I do appreciate the fact that you do and you keep it positive.

  5. Ditto to everyone else.

    If it’s a group membership change or similarly big, please let me know about it when you get a chance! I don’t read all the individual group threads on the forums, just browse a little.

    I think you do a pretty good job making judgment calls on what stories are “breaking news” and which ones we can survive without hearing for a few hours.

    You’re making me think again about this “instant age.” You know I didn’t hear about George Younce’s death for two weeks, until it made it onto the Gospel Greats? I can still tell you exactly what I was doing and the electric shock that went through me. (I read recently that for this generation, we’ll all feel that way about Michael Jackson’s passing. 😕 OK.) I had been trying to keep up with news because I was afraid George would pass on, but I still didn’t hear about it, not being on the internet. For months before that, every time Paul Heil said someone had passed away, I about held my breath until he said who it was.

    I opened up a drop-down live bookmark for your site and saw that Jason Waldroup had left. (Also something I remember quite well.) I found out about the GVB’s revision here … and other stories. So I guess, just keep doing whatever you’re doing!

    • I know I won’t feel that way about Michael Jackson’s passing!

      I remember what it was like to find out about George’s passing. In fact, his passing, Anthony Burger’s, and Dottie Rambo’s are three of the biggest shocks I’ve had in the last few years. (Roger Bennett’s would have been had we not had a couple of stories in preceding days about his declining health. Still it was somewhat of a shock that the end did come.)

      But I actually do remember where I was when I found out about Michael Jackson’s passing. I was volunteering at the Ohio homeschooler’s convention, manning Michael Card’s product table that evening! Basically, the local people who had volunteered to help knew his most recent project or two but not the back material, while I knew his material extensively. The evening was a lot more memorable for that than anything else. 🙂

      • Yeah, I remember that I was on the computer reading news. I might remember it the rest of my life, but I think I’ll think about George more often. Anthony was a big one. My aunt called me in tears; that’s how I found out. Dottie shocked me, but not in the same way.

  6. I am rather new to this post, but I agree with everyone else, I like the way you post up to date news when it happens. Your postings are always positive, looking for the best in people, instead of trying to bring somebody down. Just keep doing what you have been doing. I now have my email set to receive an email whenever you post something new, that is because I have confidence in your information. Looking forward to your postings during NQC, as I will not be able to attend this year.

  7. As with the others who’ve commented, this is the first blog I go to. I like how you keep us updated. I don’t think you need to change the way you update us, I think it works out just fine the way it is.

  8. Since I leave for work at 5AM, I check your blog at night. This is the only (well usually only) blog I read. I have no problem with the way you have been managing your blog Daniel. I trust your judgement to determine if it is “big” enough to warrant an immediate post.

  9. I know there are a few other sites that are worth reading (sometimes), but I think in general the industry should adopt a site like yours and let you be kind of a first to know bases relationship. It seems like the Singing News site doesn’t post anything unless it’s huge and Sogospel does good on getting info on some of the lesser known groups of course the big ones too. I’m just rambling, you’re doing great Daniel thanks for the site.

    • Both SN and SoGospelNews do a pretty stellar job of getting the big stories up immediately. Sometimes I’ll be up before them, and sometimes not.

      If it’s a Really Really Really Big Story, though, SN is pretty much guaranteed to have it up first – someone in the industry will give Danny Jones a ring with the scoop. And I don’t mind that or begrudge them their connections and friends. I just hope that after I’ve been doing this thirty years I’ll have the same depth of connections and friends to be able to be as timely as they are now!

  10. Personally, I like to read about something as soon as it happens. On the other hand, that is a good way for rumors to spread rapidly too.

    Daniel, it is your blog. You should do it the way you feel God is leading you to do it.

  11. Since I don’t check out any other sites, it doesn’t matter to me how long you wait to post something. If it’s on Facebook, I might catch it there first. I do, however, enjoy the fact that you post daily.

  12. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback.

    I think, based on it, that I’ll generally keep up what I’m doing now. But I might increase a little more the posts where I say, “Big Story just happened. Article here (link). More thoughts tomorrow.”

  13. Daniel, your site has been so good it is now the only blog I go to! I do go sometimes to the sgn site, but maybe only once a week. You are doing a wonderful job with the news.