Songs that should have been singled

Today’s a slow news day–so far, at least–and it’s one of those days where it’s somewhat of a challenge to come up with something to say. But I post every day, six days a week, so here’s what’s on my mind today.
Numerous factors go into selecting a single. Perhaps one of the group members is a songwriter; perhaps one of the group members hasn’t been featured on a song for the last six singles; perhaps this song was published by the record company and some of the others weren’t.

Sometimes, with all those factors to keep in mind, the best song simply gets left behind. The Perrys are an example that came to mind last night in a conversation with a friend. No question, they sent out the best songs from This is the Day, and that’s what put them on top of the Southern Gospel world. But with Life of Love, “We Will Be Changed” got left behind in the selection process, and in my opinion it would have been their strongest radio single from the project (or at least right up there with “I Will Find You Again.”)

We can’t close the book on Come Thirsty yet, because they could yet squeeze one more single out of it before the next project comes out. But I haven’t changed my initial opinion of the project–that “A Day that Never Ends” and “Walk Away Free” are two songs begging to be the uptempo and midtempo (respectively) singles from the project–Perrys classics in the waiting if they just send them to radio.

Other examples that come to mind are the Mark Trammell Trio’s “When Mercy Came Down” (from This Time) and Legacy Five’s “I Have Been Changed” (from Live in Music City). The Mark Trammell Trio has already moved on from This Time, but Live in Music City is Legacy Five’s current project. If L5 doesn’t send “I Have Been Changed” to radio, they will have missed out on the sort of opportunity that only comes along once every few years, at best.

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  1. I’ve wondered why Ernie Haase & Signature Sound didn’t release Forgiven Again as a single. Any thoughts on that?

  2. I’ve thought that it would have been their best radio single to date. I don’t know why it didn’t go out.

  3. Well now we can all agree on “Faithful to the Cross” as another one that should have been singled!

    Interesting that EHSS never singled “Forgiven Again.” I would guess it’s because it’s a little long for a radio song…? Especially with the extra chorus at the end. Mighty stuff though, and no question it’s become a huge fan favorite. Helps that Doug sings it of course… 😉