Sonlite Records and Down East Boys Together Again

After 20 years of separation, Sonlite Records and Down East Boys have reunited to put together a new recording due out in October. The Down East Boys began traveling in the mid-1980s and have had numerous Top 40 songs including their hit song Beautiful Valley which was released in 1989 on the Sonlite label. It is really good to see them back on one of the leading labels, as this will hopefully give them the attention they deserve. I wish Ricky Carden, Jason Runnels, Stuart Cary, and Daryl Paschal the best and I can’t wait to hear their new recording.

~ Sony

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  1. just wondering if you are accepting any country or bluegrass demos at this time.
    thank you

    • 🙂 Did you realize that this is a news website?

  2. I would like to say I am sorry to hear of your baritone singer passing away .He was a good one , and a better one now in Heaven we’ll all meet him some day soon. If you haven’t got a nother baritone yet I can sing the part or parts . I am In the Alabama hall of fame. for 12 years . You have seen me if you have ever watch the J Bazel mull program several years ago . I was on his show as the Inter state qt. for 12 plus years . I need to sing for the lord now . or if you hear of a full time group that needs a baritone singer please thll them to call me . My number is 256-424-2751 . may god bless and keep you all. Verlon E . draine