Tuesday News Roundup #41

An infected/inflamed finger is to a blogger what laryngitis is to a singer.

At least that’s what I’ve been concluding the last few days. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong. All I’m praying is that it’s nothing that requires a doctor’s visit that could eat up my NQC fund. 🙂

A big thanks goes to Sony (who regularly contributes a Sunday devotional) for pinch-hitting and doing yesterday’s post. My finger felt so bad that I really didn’t feel up to typing at all. Great job!

There have been all sorts of stories I meant to get caught up on on Saturday, and the longer I wait, the longer the list grows. Since this one is in the spirit of my Saturday news roundups, I’ll categorize and number it with them.

  • Legacy Five has audio clips up from their upcoming release, Just Stand. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] This could finally be their breakout project. More thoughts once I hear the whole thing. One other thought for now: They bring in several fellow groups on the song “Statement of Faith,” and Jacob Kitson’s solo at the end of verse two is unequivocally awesome. Listen to that, if nothing else.
  • Aaron Swain is building his contacts as a blogger, and he’s been able to obtain a sneak peek of the new Cross 4 Crowns CD. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] It sounds good but rather different than their last project.
  • Joseph Habedank has a video clip up from a new song he’s written with Matthew Holt, “That’s What I Love About Him.” [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.] It sounds like his songwriting skills keep getting better and better. Hopefully the Perrys will see fit to put a hold on this song before someone else jumps on the chance to cut it.
  • On a lighter note, check out another video Habedank posted of Bryan Elliott paying tribute to Libbi Perry Stuffle. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Via Burke’s Brainwork, Mike LeFevre’s Priority Quartet has a new website out, http://prioritymusic.net/.
  • The Blackwood Gospel Quartet (Mark Blackwood’s group) has hired Dale Evans as their new tenor singer.
  • Via Musicscribe, Johnny Minick has a fascinating video up about a singing duo in the Minick Family, the Minick Brothers. [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]
  • The Mike Bowling Group recently lost Chris Whitaker. In his place, they’re hiring Terah Crabb Penhollow and taking on the name of The Bowlings.
  • And, for the record, I love it when performers bring their children out to sing a song or two. It’s even better when those children are great singers. (I was going to link to YouTube videos of Andrew Brown of the Browns and Olivia Collingsworth of the Collingsworth family, but I can’t seem to find videos of either right now.)

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  1. This new Habadank/Holt song has the melody to “Reason Enough” from what I heard. Still good though.

    • Same chord progression, but not identical. And both of those songs could be compared to the GVB’s “I Heard it First on the Radio.”

  2. The melody reminded me of ‘God Already Knew’ from one of the Hopper albums. Quite similar, if I’m remembering correctly.

  3. Glad to see you’re feeling better. A pain in the finger hurts through one’s whole body.

    • Thanks! It’s not better, but not hurting so bad.

  4. I agree with your initial assessment of L5’s upcoming project… I believe it will be the turning point album for them… Ala Greater Vision in their 10th year Gold City in theirs Booth Brothers etc… 🙂

  5. Which other groups are on “Statement of Faith?”

    • “Statement Of Faith” Features Legacy Five, Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers and The Hoppers. Two members from each group sings at least a line solo.

      • Thanks! I went to looking for the answer but got sidetracked on the way, before I got there.

      • Thanks for the reply.

  6. Hey Check this you tube video of a song written by 15 year old Jacob English is called “Send Down Your Angels”. The link is below.