Flash Player Update: Crist Family

As I was preparing for the month of September here, I decided to approach the Crist Family about featuring one of their songs on the site’s flash player (to the right of this post).

I called Rich Crist and mentioned the idea. After finding out he was open to the idea, I said something to this effect: “Your current single is a nice song, and I’d be happy to post it, but, truth be told, if I could pick any song from Declaration, it would have to be ‘My Heart Knows.'”

To my astonishment, his reply was that, as a matter of fact, they had gotten such a response to that particular song that they were going to send it to radio in September—the same month I was proposing to feature it.

So, here is the Crist Family’s current single, “My Heart Knows.”

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  1. Great choice, Daniel. When I heard the beginning of this song, I couldn’t believe the soprano was featured! Jackie has quite a nice range and this is a beautiful song.

  2. Wow! That is a great song! It just grows on you and makes you want to listen to it again and again. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Love your blog!

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words for the blog and the song. The Crist Family really knocked that one out of the park.

  3. That is the best song on “Declaration” album!!! I listen to that song just about every day!!!

  4. This album is great!! I believe this is my favorite song on there, really good job by Jackie. The future looks bright for The Crist family, well in my book anyway.

  5. I heard this song for the first time yesteday. I cannot stop listening to this song and the words that bring such reasurrance that our Savior is always in our hearts.

    This song had played just before I got to the doctors appointment. I did not catch the name of the song or the name of the singer, so when we passed the radio station on the way home I had my husband pull in so I could get the imformation.

    I have found it on the computer and can not stop playing it.
    Can’t wait to get the CD.

  6. Okay, I feel stupid…where is the Flash player? Do I need Flash 10 to see it now? Or did you take it down?

    • It is down now – I only had these up for a month each.