Sony’s Thoughts: Fighting Depression and Discouragement

“Sometimes when I’m weary, satan wars with my soul to get my mind off of the cross. Then I start fighting battles Christ has already won in a war satan’s already lost.”

It amazes me how many people are plagued by depression. We have so much to be thankful for, yet we quickly allow ourselves to be drawn down to the depths of despair which, in the words of Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables “is to turn one’s back on God.”

Thankfully, I do not often struggle with depression but I do know the feeling of being low and having to fight to get back into the spiritual place I need to be. Sometimes I feel like I spend a large portion of my life fighting that battle but thankfully I have the best Captain any war’s ever had and He has never lost! In fact, in Christ’s army, the only way to lose is to lay down your armor and not fight.

Regardless of why you are discouraged or depressed, I just want to encourage you to keep crying out to God. He loves you and He hears you. You are in a battle but, with God on your side, you will win this war!

(Song quoted at beginning: “He’d Have to Walk Through the Blood” written by Beverly and Kenny Sexton. Sung by the Freemans.)

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  1. Thank you, this is a reminder that we all need from time to time.

  2. Thanks…this is EXACTLY what I needed to read and realize at this moment! Thanks!

    • Praise the Lord! And thank you for letting me know. As I pray over my posts each week, I always trust that God is going to use them in some way but I do appreciate the feedback.

  3. I agree with you whole heartedly…I at times do feel down but
    thank GOD I do come out of it…What ever keep ‘JESUS’ in your
    heart…I don’t deserve it but my LORD is always there…Joe Sahadi

  4. Hear, Hear!

    I used to struggle periodically with depression also so I understand where you’re coming from…

    However, I have found in the recent months that:
    I can ALWAYS trust God to take care of my needs,
    and, that I can’t outgive God!

    He has brought me (and my family) through some of the most difficult times imagineable – one son-in-law lost 3 jobs in the past year due to the economy. But the more I trust Him, the easier it becomes to trust Him.

    I have also probably given more to others since I lost my job than ever before in my life. But He has always met my needs too. So, I’ve determined that it is absolutely true that one can’t outgive God nor can one outlove God.

    I want you to know I look forward to your blog and appreciate your taking the time to do it. I learn things about the artists that I wouldn’t otherwise know such as new music, schedules and life changes (weddings, babies, etc).