Mike Allen to join Prophets?

During the years he sang with Poet Voices (1996-99), Mike Allen seems to have made for himself quite a base of fans who have since wanted to see him back with a quartet. Since 1999, Allen has been touring as a soloist with the Homecoming Tour, but it looks as though his fans are about to get their wish.

A source close to Ed Hill’s Prophets Quartet tells me that they are about to announce that Mike Allen is joining them as their bass. Last week, Allen was in the studio with the rest of the quartet recording vocals for their debut project.

The quartet already has legends Bill Baize on tenor and Ed Hill on baritone. (Paul Jackson, a newcomer to the quartet scene, sings lead.) Although they’ve taken their time getting this group off the ground, adding Allen to the lineup would create a group so strong vocally that I’m suspecting the wait will be worth it.

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  1. Interesting…I wonder what happened to Hovie Walker, as i understood he was going to sing the bass.

  2. I hope that this is true! Mike has been one of my favorite bass singers. He was certainly the best that the Poet Voices ever had in their lineup.

  3. Mike is a graet bass. Daniel, you may or may not know this, but Mike sang here in Ohio with the Fishermen Quartet (from Clyde, Ohio) years back.
    As I recall, they were the first group he sang with.
    Will be interesting to have him back with a quartet.

  4. No, I did not know that. The first I knew of Mike Allen was that he surfaced on the pro scene with Poet Voices in ’96.

    Is he a native Ohioan?

  5. Hovie left the group not long ago. I don’t remember the reason.

  6. Mike will be a great asset to the Prophets Quartet. I can’t wait to hear them.
    Your friend in Christ.

  7. Mike Allen was one of the first bass singers I learned by name back when he was with Poet Voices (except I learned his name from a Gaither Homecoming Concert and the video on which they sing “Grace & Glory” and have been a fan ever since.)

    I hope one day to get his solo album–Solid Gospel played two of those songs regularly and I enjoyed them much.

  8. Daniel- I don’t know about that
    Levi- I’ve heard the songs also. They are great! I love the one :”So I Love Him Dearly”

  9. Just thought of the other song, which i like even more than the other.
    It’s proably called “Way Down Deep” (or “Sweet Love of Jesus, whatever it’s called, it’s still a great song!)

  10. “It’s probably called “Way Down Deep….”

    That’s the song……it’s awesome!

  11. After Poet Voices, Mike sang with Ron Blackwood’s Quartet. I have a CD with him on it.

  12. Mike’s solo CD is titled “Way Down Deep”…It is great! You can order your copy at http://www.mikeallenonline.com
    You will love it!

  13. Mike’s CD is entitled “Way Down Deep”…a great Woody Wright song written for Mike. The whole CD is great! You can order your copy at:

    You will love it!