Your NQC must-purchase short list

For those of you attending the National Quartet Convention (NQC) next week, what are the projects that you definitely don’t walk away without?

For those of you who can’t make it, which are the projects you’d pick up if you could?

I’m hoping to at least pick up the new releases from the Collingsworth Family, the Mark Trammell Trio, the Gaither Vocal Band, Legacy Five, the Liberty Quartet, the Dixie Echoes, Greater Vision, and probably a number of others I’m not remembering right now. How about you?

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  1. Legacy Five “Stand”
    Kingsmen “Missing People”
    Collingsworth Family “The Answer”
    Karen Peck and New River “No Worries”
    Tribute Quartet “For This Time”
    Paid In Full “No Trace Of Rain”
    Ball Brothers “Breakthrough”
    Anchormen “Always A Road”
    Spoken 4 “He Knows Your Address”
    This is just the short list…I hope to pick up a lot more. I can’t wait!

  2. Legacy Five-Just Stand
    Collingsworth Family-The Answer
    Karen Peck And New River-No Worries
    Tribute Quartet-For This Time
    Legacy Five, Greater Vision, Booth Brothers- Live At Oak Tree Series.
    and hopefully many more!!!!

  3. OK, what is the “Live at Oak Tree” thing about? I ran across that on CBD the other day and almost posted a forums question to ask. I don’t ever remember hearing anything about that. Is it recent? Are they re-recordings of stuff on CD, or new material?

    • I don’t know.

    • Live at oak tree is a live recording by the artist, minus a live audience. It’s like MTV unplugged minus the fans screaming in the background. They sing mostly stuff off their most recent studio projects.

    • Back in I believe it was February Legacy Five, Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers all went to the Oak Tree Studios. And they recorded a live video of them showing the process of making a album. They also sang songs from their latest project’s. For Legacy Five it was Their Decade Project. For The Booth Brothers it was either their 09 project or their “Room For More” project and Greater Vision did songs from I believe Their “Memories Made New” project. If you got the September Issue of Singing news their is a full page ad on the first page with the release announcement. The Videos will also feature the three groups singing a couple of songs together… I hope this answers your question.

    • Thank you! Maybe I did hear something about that, but didn’t put it together with the name.

  4. I’m a little behind on getting these projects (mainly because they’re not for download on Amazon or Itunes) so they’re definitely at the top of my list:

    -Triumphant “Everyday”
    -Perrys “Almost Morning”

    • The Perrys Almost Morning is on iTunes. I downloaded a couple of songs before I had a chance to buy the whole CD.

    • I think maybe they both finally made it on there.

    • Triumphant is there to, it says “partial album” but it appears to be the full thing.

      • Thanks guys! I see they are now on Itunes. However, unless they get them on Amazon, I’ll still pick them up at NQC.

        Itunes has that stupid lockdown on their tracks, and if you want to transfer from an old computer onto a new one, you have to deauthorize and authorize. If you don’t happen to have an internet connection at the time, you’re outta luck.

      • Actually, DRM is gone on their new music! I’m not entirely sure about transferring to a new computer, but you can convert to mp3 and whatever else you please. I’m pretty sure that it is entirely gone.

        But I prefer having the hard copy, of course, as long as I want the whole album. Not trying to talk you out of it!

      • Right. You can buy from iTunes and convert to MP3. I usually do it immediately with anything I buy through iTunes, so I don’t have to worry about a proprietary format later.

        I usually check with a company like Walmart or some of the others that sell songs already in MP3 first…saves the hassle of converting if I can get it in MP3 from the beginning.

      • Interesting. So how do you convert to mp3?

      • Tyler:
        (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

  5. Here is my rough draft shopping list for NQC…

    Legacy Five – Just Stand
    Mark Trammel Trio- Vintage Gospel
    Hoppers- Unforgettable
    Live At Oak Tree- (BB’s L5, GV)
    Tribute Quartet- For This Time
    Charlotte Ritchie- Closer and Go Rest High
    Karen Peck And New River- No Worries

    And some more most likely…

  6. My list is pretty short and I know I’m probably forgetting some, but I will be buying these at NQC:

    GVB – Reunited
    Tribute – For This Time
    HisSong – Journey Through the Sky
    Ball Brothers – Breakthrough

    I usually stay fairly up-to-date, so I’ve already gotten the new projects from Triumphant, Paid In Full, Voices Won, Perrys, Kingsmen, Soul’d Out, Brian Free & Assurance, and the Jubilee project from L5, GV, and BB.

  7. #4: I got The Perrys’ “Almost Morning” off of iTunes.

  8. L5, GV, and BB – Jubilee
    L5 – Just Stand

    And if I can find the three or four Greater Vision projects that I need to complete my collection and of course the six Cathedrals LP’s that I need to complete that collection.

  9. Daniel, are you the only one who knew the Dixie Echoes were coming out with a new album? I can’t wait!!!

    • Umm…no. I think that LaShay Bankston, who sometimes comments here, knew. And I think they may have even mentioned it in an email newsletter. (It was that or on Facebook.)

  10. I plan to get the newest recordings by:

    Tribute Quartet
    Karen Peck and New River
    Talley Trio

    I also want to get the project by LordSong that has just them with Stan Whitmire on piano. It has been out awhile but for some reason I have failed to get it. I also have a few accompaniment tracks to look for.

    • You will likely have to get the Lordsong project from their website as they will not be at NQC. They are scaling back Lordsong a LOT as Sisters is being pushed to the forefront. Also, Michael Lord has started a new ministry called Micheal Lord Outdoors (you can take out the spaces and add a .com for the website. lol) He is working on an outdoors TV show, is speaking and also doing some solo singing work. Sisters won’t be there either as they have a scheduling conflict.

  11. This just in: my friend heard the Isaacs at Silver Dollar City last night and said that their new recording Almost Acapella is a must-have. He said they did several songs from it last night, and it was incredible.

    • I have that one. Got it about a week ago. It is AMAZING!

  12. The Dixie Echoes newest CD is entitled I’d Rather Have Jesus and has got some stellar stuff on there! Be sure to pick it up. I know you will not be disappointed!

    • Great!

      Does it have the quartet song “I’d Rather Have Jesus” or the George Beverly Shea one (the one the Crabbs did)?

      Both are great songs, but unless they’re featuring Pat on “I’d Rather Have Jesus” (which would be unique enough that I’d be cool with it), I’m hoping they do the quartet one. 🙂

      • I do believe it’s the George Beverly Shea version, Daniel… and Pat is featured. 🙂

        I can’t wait for everybody to hear this album. Of course, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy for myself! 🙂

      • Glad to hear it! 😀