Tim Parton joins Legacy Five

EDIT: All right, everyone (and especially JSQ and MST), I’m returning to equilibrium. But I’ll leave this up because it does capture my initial reaction.


Singing News is reporting that Tim Parton has agreed to join Legacy Five as their new pianist. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

Tim Parton is the pianist for Legacy Five.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about seeing that last sentence in black and white. It was one thing to hear of him filling in for Roger, but it’s another thing to see that he is the



There is a sense of finality to that that I must admit I just don’t like. We all knew the day had to come, and that Legacy Five would eventually name another pianist.

But I guess in my mind, replacing Roger is something that will take years, not just happen overnight…if a replacement can ever be as accepted and beloved as Roger was, just by being himself.

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  1. I saw L5 a couple of times with nothing but tracks – when Roger was missing an occasional date.I have also seen Tim Parton with L5 three times. He is a tremedous and most talented pianist – an even better accompanist. Yet – he is quiet and will not steal the show. This is a perfect choice to join L5 permanently – not replace Roger Bennett.

    Fans will not be disappointed.


  2. Roger Bennett as a person will never be replaced. But Roger Bennett, the pianist…

  3. Roger’s death has been a terrible loss for gospel music and for Legacy Five. Roger cannot be replaced, yet Tim will carve his own path with Legacy Five and they will continue to remain as strong as ever.

  4. I agree with both comments and you can’t compare the two. Life will go on and L5 will always be a class act.

  5. Honestly, Daniel, what do you want? You yourself said above that this change was “inevitable”.

    Or are you inferring that Legacy Five should fold their tents, sell their bus, and get off the road because Bennett can’t play for them anymore?

    Legacy Five has a lot more fans than just you, Daniel…why should they wait until you’re ready to accept reality before they continue forward?

  6. As everyone agrees, there will never be another Roger. Yet Tim is a very capable person to fill their piano bench.
    I don’t think we should make comparisons between him and Roger, but let him be himself, and not form a mold for him based on what L5 was.
    Daniel made a very good point about a simillar situation with Bill Lawrence and Tim Riley several months ago.
    Fans (I include myself) should not have expected Bill fill someone else’s shoes. It’s the same situation with Tim Parton now.

  7. We do not know the entire situation from start to finish.
    Tim Parton is no Roger Bennett and Tim Parton probably knows that and, maybe just maybe, Tim know that fact.
    I read somewhere where Roger encouraged Scott to call Tim in the earlier days of Roger’s medical battles.
    It could be the best choice for all reasons.
    Only Gordon Mote could take over playing the piano for Bill Gaither following the passing of Anthony Burger.
    You can’t replace a legend but somehow God finds a person to fill in the gap while we all wait to get to Heaven.

    Here’s one reason Gordon Mote was a good choice for Bill Gaither: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

    Some day it will all come together for Tim Parton and Legacy 5.

  8. Daniel,
    What on earth do you expect L5 to do? Roger made Scott promise to carry on. He trusted that request to Scott who due to Roger’s health has been the leader of L5 for several years now. Why not do the same? Most of us who are strong L5 fans and supporters think that Tim is a perfect addition to L5 at this time.