Mike Allen joins Prophets

Now it’s official; I just opened a press release that was sent out early this morning confirming that Mike Allen is, indeed, the newest Prophet. That’s quite a catch for this group.

Ed Hill’s Prophets made their mark in their day; the only other quartet he managed was the Singing Americans in the 1980s. If the names he’s putting together are any indicator, we could possibly see some of the spark of the Singing Americans’ glory days return to the Southern Gospel scene.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if the Prophets will find themselves in a simillar situation to the Masters V, that popular demand would turn a ‘special occasion group’ into a ‘full time group’?
    Only time will tell.

  2. I suspect if they had a James Blackwood type on the cell phone they could stay busier than the guys would want to be…


  3. I hope these guys get into a recording studio as soon as they can.

  4. I think the press release say’s they are in the studio making their first CD right now…and with some big-time producers at the wheel…anybody else heard that?

  5. Hey I remember where I saw it. The entire “release” from The Prophets is posted at:

    …pretty nice new site too…

  6. GH,

    Yes, I’ve heard that, but I must admit I don’t remember which producers they had. Johnny Minick, maybe? Lari Goss? Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think Goss was on this one. But I think there was another besides Minick.


  7. The producers are Johnny Minick and Michael Sykes along with Johnny’s son Aaron. Quite a combo of diversified talent
    in that bunch!

  8. But trust me the influence of Goss will be present and I think he is arranging and orchestrating for them some…there is a strong Minick/Goss/Sykes connection now.
    …but that’s another subject.