Minor blog update

Nearly two years ago, when I installed this site’s current theme (graphic design), I had make extensive customizations. These included translating the entire theme from Dutch and adding all kinds of plug-ins.

One minor irritant in the theme was that it forced all sidebar items to be in lowercase. I decided to change that some time, but kept putting it off. It helps that I’m now more familiar with customizing WordPress themes, but when I finally did get around to it today, it took about three minutes.

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  1. Much nicer and easier on the eyes! Looks good!

  2. Yay! I like the capitalization!

  3. Great. 🙂

  4. It’s still un-capitalized for me. 😕

    • Try clicking “refresh”?

  5. Me too. I was wondering what you were talking about…everything looks the same to me.

  6. The emperor has no clothes. 😆

  7. Nah. The emperor has clothes now, but some people’s vision takes longer to adjust to the fact. 😆

  8. It has caps now, but I know it didn’t this morning. Or else you’re fooling with my mind pretty good!

    I was on the computer for several hours, too, and accessed the site multiple times, as I think the time stamps on my post will bear out! That makes me feel weird.

    Anyway, I do like it with caps. It did annoy me a tiny little bit to see all of those un-capitalized words over there. 😆

    • Chances are your computer had cached the sidebar (and maybe even the content).

      • OK, I guess anything can happen! You know I was just joking around, of course.

      • Yes. 😀