Harold Gilley, {Tony Peace} join Songfellows

Wes Burke’s post today reminded me that I forgot to mention a significant lineup change for the Songfellows. Bob Jones Jr., the group’s lead singer, is bringing bass Harold Gilley (Palmetto State Quartet) and baritone Wayne Maynard (Kingsmen) on board. Garry Sheppard sings the tenor part.

If all involved can hold down their parts as well as they could in their prime (though, truth be told, Jones and Gilley are still in their prime), this could be a quartet to watch very soon.

EDIT (9/12/09): Turns out there’s already a change. Wayne Maynard will not be the baritone, and I’ve heard through multiple sources that former Palmetto State / Kingsmen baritone Tony Peace will be taking the job.

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  1. Did I miss a move at some point? The Songfellows were from California….that is a long way for all the guys mentioned here…

    • I think I may have heard something about a move to Tennessee.

  2. Harold Gilley must be very nearly the best bass out there. (If I remember right, he’s the one who sang “Rainbow Avenue,” which I would pay a little to own a copy of.) I am very glad to hear he’s singing again!

    • Yes, I believe he’s the same one. 🙂

  3. Is this Garry Sheppard from the Kingsmen?

    • Yes.

      • Wow, this is going to be great group! Does this quartet have a website?

  4. now if we can just get Gilley to stay for awhile.

  5. word is Wayne isnt taking the job and Tony Peace is, still could be a good group

  6. Yes, that is the Garry Sheppard from the Kingsmen. And the Songfellows moved their base from Southern California to Nashville a few years ago, due to the younger Bob Jones(he is not Bob Jones, Jr., as some erroneously assume…he IS the son of the legendary Bob Jones who sang until the age of 94, but they have different middle names)relocating there for a job.

    And surely a group made up of Sheppard/Jones/Maynard/Gilley will attract attention at this year’s NQC…at least I hope so.

  7. Just found this report on the singingnews website:

    Being Wayne Maynards pastor I just spoke with him about this report and was told by Wayne that it is in error….Yes he was offered the position but declined.

  8. Don’t forget to add the piano stylings of Nick Bruno to this quartet. Talk about big voices! Garry, Bob, Tony and Harold. WOW!

  9. As soon as you hear of booking info I need o hire them

  10. We are Harolds x inlaws and would love to get in touch with him. Just love that guy and love his voice also. jk.

  11. I appreciate most of the comments I’ve read on this thang!!!You who have expressed your desire to contact me, my address is P.O box 194, East Stone Gap, Va. 24246…….Please send money, Les Beasley will not send me a penny….and He’s my REAL daddy (ha) Blessings, Harold Gilley

    • i am glad to hear you are singing again would love to hear you sometime. maybe the group will be knoxville,tennessee sometime soon. Loretta Sherritze

    • Great to hear you are singing again. Can’t wait til you are in the Louisville, Ky. area

    • I heard you with the Palmetto State Quartet in Independence,Missouri and again in Dixon, Missouri the year that the two Jacks retired. I have heard that you were with another quartet back in the late 90’s and you were going to be in Excelsior Springs, Missouri but when I arrived no one knew anything about it.
      But would love for you to come to either Olathe, Kansas or Excelsior Springs with this new quartet.

  12. hope everthing is good for you Harold Gilley.

  13. Harold Gilley,I heard you sing bass with Palmetto State in Borger,Texas and I thought you were about the best I had heard. Wish your quartet could come this way.

  14. Just read in the Singingnews (July issue) about the Songfellows! It list the members as Bob Jones Jr.(Lead) Garry Sheppard (Tenor) Ed Hill (Baritone) Butch Owens (Bass)and Nick Bruno (Pianist). It doesn’t mention Harold Gilley,so evidently he has already left.