Guest Posting during NQC

Last year, in addition to the National Quartet Convention-related posts I made here, I made guest posts to the Talley Trio’s community website. I will be reprising that role this year, and, in addition, adding four other sites. (Yes, I will be one busy writer!)

So, in addition to the posts here, you can keep up with my NQC-related posts at:

  • (Talley Trio) [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  • (Crist Family) [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  • (Voices Won)
  • (Janet Paschal) [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  • (Other Crossroads artists)

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  1. Are you going to be posting links here? Or should we just chase you around? 😀

  2. Chase me around in case I don’t have time to post links. 🙂

  3. Great! I am so sad to miss NQC this year, but will be viewing via the live stream and logging on to get your updates from behind the scenes. Thank for all the posts, I will be anxiously awaiting!

  4. Thank you!
    I would be interested how a live streaming of NQC this year would affect the decision making of buying tickets for the 2010 convention.
    A live audience and active customer base is the heart of soul of any convention/trade show event.
    I would not rely on the fact of a 2010 live webcast because there is a long time between NQC ticket buying next week or when the bill for previous ticket holders is due next February and decision time for a 2010 webcast.
    As added note, some NFL team fans are facing the realization this weekend because their home team has not sold enough tickets in their home town.
    Ministrt is one thing but good stewardship is just as important.

  5. GospelMusicFan, from what I’ve heard, ticket sales are way up this year and there was live streaming last year. I think it’s great that the people that really can’t come to NQC can at least get to see the webcasts. And there is an on-demand feature for 30 days after the convention, which is nice for those of us that are going to be able to see it again!

    • I agreed and thank you.
      Point of my comment was not to make a decision of ticket buying based on a webcast.
      No sure thing in life and being there is 100 times as blessful and fun.

  6. I personally will attend NQC every chance I get. This year, the live stream is the best I can do though. It won’t keep me from attending in the future though. There is nothing like being there!

  7. I think that those who have the desire, time and resources to attend NQC will attend, regardless of the webcast. I seriously doubt most people’s decision-making about attending has much to do with the availability of the webcast. For those of us who can’t attend at all or can’t attend all week, it is so wonderful to be able to watch and still feel a part of what is happening. Last year was my first NQC and I went for two days. Again this year, I’m attending two days, but I also purchased the webcast because I didn’t want to miss anything! 🙂

  8. How can I get good tickets for the 2010 NQC? Can anyone tell me? Thank you, bb