NQC 2009: Day 1: Opening

The National Quartet Convention kicked off about an hour ago with a surprise guest, Louisville’s own Larnelle Harris. He’s a former tenor for the Gaither Vocal Band and has had a successful career in Inspirational music. He sang the “Amen Chorus” and received an enthusiastic standing ovation. He also sang a medley of several songs, including “Were You There,” “Jesus Paid it All,” and “My Tribute.”

I had a couple of videos that needed to be uploaded for several different websites, so I had to slip out of Freedom Hall for a bit. But I plan to be back in about ten minutes to catch the Dixie Echoes and the Dixie Melody Boys.

I plan to post more late tonight or tomorrow morning, but thought an early sneak peek wouldn’t hurt anything!

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  1. I’ve never had the chance to see Larnelle live. Sorry that I missed him.

  2. The posts so far are great, keep it up!

  3. What about “the man” Tim Riley showing up last night and bringing down the house with Gold City and The Dove Brothers! Awesome!

  4. How was the Blackwood Brothers portion of the program?

  5. I thought that Gold City sounded and performed the best that I have seen in a long time. It was more like the old Gold City that we were used to. I know it is probably not likely, but I think it would be great if Tim would stay with them for a while. I also think that Chris Cooper did an awesome job. After all the criticism and bad publicity that they have received, I think they preformed well last night.

    • I kinda feel sorry for Daniel and the guys in a way. It is very unlikely that they can bring Tim back on full time, but that’s what everyone wants and is clamoring for! Imagine the pressure that must create for Daniel as the group’s manager, knowing that no one he picks can be Tim Riley. It hearkens back to the NQC a few years ago when Bill Lawrence in a sense was “upstaged” by the appearance of Tim, not that it was intentional or anything.

      • I agree, Brian. I told friends months ago that if Aaron left, Gold City needed to travel as a trio, find another temporary bass, or Tim needs to come back for a year or two to let the other new guys establish themselves. The longer Tim travels, the harder it will be for the next bass singer to be accepted by fans, simply because the next guy isn’t Tim.

      • You have some great points. And I agree – even if it’s only for a year, Tim coming back would help the new vocalists establish themselves.

  6. I was at the NQC in 1985 when the GVB was made up of Bill Gaither, Michael English, Gary McSpadden and Larnelle Harris on tenor. The Cathedrals had the closing and they brought out the Talleys to sing Sweeter As the Days Go By with them, and out came the GVB to sing on it, too–both groups had done guest vocals on the studio cut. George introduced them one by one after the song, and after a few other choruses and things, they had Larnelle sing “Amen.” It absolultely brought the house completely down. It was the finale for the evening and there was no sense in trying to do anything else after that. It’s still one of my most vivid and cherished NQC memories. Larnelle is an absolutely incredible singer and interpreter of music and I’m sorry I missed this performance last night!

    • You would have enjoyed it–but it was just a little less powerful since it was the opener and not the climactic close to an amazing night!


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