Gloria on Bass?

First, let me start off by saying that my prayers are with Bill Gaither for a quick recovery from whatever led to him missing last Thursday’s concert. I was delighted to hear that he was recovered enough to come back on stage on Friday.

But what caught my attention in this post was the comment that Gloria filled in for her husband. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]┬áNow we all know that she has a pretty low voice for a woman, and that the Vocal Band bass part isn’t too tough. I wonder…

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  1. I love to hear Gloria sing. She has a warmth reminiscent of a quality baritone in her own alto range. Hymn Classics by the BGT remains my favorite Christian recording. Part of its charm for me is hearing Mike singing the stacks on all three parts.

  2. I dunno…some of the GVB arrangements et al have a really convoluted (read: difficultly pleasant and musically interesting) bass part, which I enjoy much. Indeed, I think Gloria could master Bill’s notes, too…especially with the right condenser microphone and mixer settings.

  3. Please tell me this post was tongue in cheek and you don’t actually believe she sang his part.

  4. I was not in Memphis to witness, but I didn’t mean to imply Gloria filled in for Bill in the Vocal Band; I meant that she filled in for him as emcee of the Homecoming Concert.

    Funny, though. And the comments may be right … Gloria singing Bill’s part might have been fun!

  5. I hadn’t even considered that Gloria had replaced Bill with the Vocal Band! I’m still laughing over that one!! But I was at the Friday concert and I was so glad to see Gloria and to hear and see her on her recitations before Then Came the Morning and There’s Just Something About that Name. Bill seemed a little tired but otherwise normal.