Penny Greene to leave the Chuck Wagon Gang

Chuck Wagon Gang bass singer Dave Emery announced today that alto Penny Greene will be leaving to spend more time with her family. Her replacement, Kelly Jennings, is being introduced this week.

The group’s booth is immediately next to the Food Court, so the amount of background noise was very high, but Emery is still audible.

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  1. Penny will be very much missed. While I completely understand her reasoning behind coming off the road, I certainly hope that she will be found back in the industry at some point in the future. LOVE YOU, Penny!

  2. I heard you live at Tulsa, OK. You have one of the most beautiful alto voices I’ve ever heard–rich and full and you hit every note! I wish you God’s speed in where ever He takes you. I really enjoyed the Tulsa concert. You made it special.

  3. Is it just me, or does Dave Emery look like Phil Collingsworth? 🙂

    • I’m thinking it was you until now, but I’m thinking I see the resemblance now.

  4. Sure would like to see Penny Greene singing in Shaye Smith’s place while she is off on pregnancy leave! Penny has such a beautiful-rich alto voice! I think she would be a great replacement for Shaye since she sang with the Chuck Wagon Gang Prior to Shay’s return!

  5. I think Penny Greene would be a wonderful replacement for Shaye Smith while she is on pregnancy leave! She has such a beautiful-rich alto voice and also sang with the Chuck Wagon Gang prior to Shay’s return about one year ago!

  6. I have a Chuck Wagon Gang casette album, “Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All,” with a song titled “Beautiful.” It is on a Gusto label, licensed from CSP-CBS Records Division, Inc. My searches for the lyrics turn up only lyrics for “A Beautiful Life.” Can someone tell me where I can find lyrics to “Beautiful”? And is it available on any of the current Chuck Wagon Gang(s) recordings?

    I love, and am thankful for, the great gospel music of the Chuck Wagon Gang.

    Don Mashburn
    5301 NW 150th St.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73142


    • It’s not legal to post lyrics on a website without the owner / copyright holder’s permission. I would suggest contacting their office via their website; they could tell you for sure. I suspect it’s available in one of their songbooks.