Picture of Grace (Colonial City Quartet)

The tenor part is probably my favorite part in a quartet, when it’s done right. Perhaps in part because it’s my favorite part, I’m quite picky when it comes to tenors. But with the recent addition of Steve Feazel, the Colonial City Quartet (a regional Ohio quartet) has two good tenors. They produce a quartet sound by having the person not singing tenor carry the lead part.

Picture of Grace is a collection of eleven cover songs, mostly using familiar soundtracks and arrangements. There are three Gaither Vocal Band songs on the project, the title track and two from the most recent GVB project – “Journey to the Sky” and “I Will Go On.” Lead singer / tenor Steve Feazel is featured on “I Will Go On,” in an arrangement with particularly high harmonies due to the fact that tenor David Campbell is singing a part above him. (If you thought the Gaither Vocal Band had high harmonies, this arrangement of their song takes it to the next level.)

Steve Feazel is also featured on “This Could be the Dawning of That Day,” using the Signature Sound arrangement / soundtrack. His power tenor is similar in some ways to Ernie Haase’s, though some people who do not like Haase’s stylings would find things to like in Feazel’s intonation.

One highlight of the album is David Campbell’s rendition of “When Crossing Time Shall Come,” a song introduced by Ernie Phillips on the Kingsmen record Live at the University of Alabama. David’s voice isn’t identical to Ernie’s, perhaps being a little closer to Ernie’s son Eric’s voice, but it fits this song very well.

Bass Mike Deane is featured on “I’m Travelin’ Home” and “Glory Glory Clear the Road.”

Other songs on the project include Gold City’s “God Handled it All,” the Northmen’s (and Southern Sound’s) “Jonah Go Down to Nineveh,” the Cathedrals’ “You Can Walk on the Water,” and an acapella rendition of “Brethren We Have Met to Worship.”

Few Southern Gospel fans who have the original renditions of all of these songs will be purchasing this project. But chances are most of the people purchasing this project are people with no exposure to Southern Gospel other than through this group, when the group sang at their church. This project is well tailored to that audience, and should whet their appetite both to hear more by this group and to explore other Southern Gospel groups.

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  1. I have 3 of their CD’s including this one, and they are really have a good sound and blend. Their quality of singing and their arrangements sound a lot closer to some established quartets, rather than that of a regional group. If they continue at this level, I’ll certainly continue to buy their releases.

  2. Daniel, just for you information all the tracks on the CD were done at Harvest Gospel studio. We have our own tracks re-done by studio musicians and don’t use the artist original tracks on the CD. Thanks. Steve