Humor: Most Embarrassing NQC Moment

Just for fun, since I don’t have anything more serious on my mind today, I thought I would post my most embarrassing NQC moment.

Apparently (as I hear) at the urging of Blackwood Brothers bass singer Randy Byrd, my fellow blogger Aaron Swain put together an impromptu Southern Gospel Bloggers Quartet. He sings bass; the other three of us (David Bruce Murray, Nate Stainbrook, and yours truly) sing baritone or lead. We had no tenor.

Well, I believe my comfortable range is the highest, but it just as certainly is not a natural tenor. But I foolishly agreed to sing tenor anyhow.

So we stumbled through a rendition of Boundless Love. I did especially poorly; remember …that I was singing tenor and I’m not one. Anyhow, it was bad enough that the person in the booth next to our home base (the SouthernGospelForums booth) peeked through the curtain to see what the racket was.

Brian Free.

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  1. Embarrassed?

    As I recall, it was YOU who, as we were walking over to the Blackwood Brothers’ booth, told someone, “Hey, we’re going to sing!” This was AFTER Brian Free looked through the curtain and said, “Don’t hurt yourself!”

    Also, it was YOU who wanted to do the key change AGAIN.

    Seriously, though, it was fun…mostly for everyone watching and laughing at us…but fun was had, and I guess that’s what matters.

    • 🙂

      It was fun, I’ll admit that.

      Notice I categorized this under humor?

      • I had fun doing it as well. Let’s go over to Gaither’s booth next year. Maybe we’ll be the next artist on the Gaither label! Haha

        I think I said on Facebook that what we SHOULD have done since we were near BF&A’s booth is sing “There Is A Kingdom Coming.” Then Brian would have come all the way around the booth!

      • I love that song, but I’m not sure I know all the words. 🙂

  2. Hmmm it was fun I suppose… The first time we sang it and Brian poked his head around the corner and said we were killing him, I just lost it… 🙂 That was quite hilarious…

  3. I don’t believe a word of it!! Lets see the video!! lol

  4. As people in most of the forums I frequent say, “pics or shens!” 🙂

  5. Yeah, did anyone post a video?

    I scanned a story a couple of times and didn’t catch why that was so bad … then I caught the last two words. 😀

  6. I wish I had not been away from the booth when you guys did that! I would have loved to have seen it!

  7. At least you probably had harmony and sang it slow enough. Try a unison breezing through Master of the Wind.