Singling the right song: “Light from Heaven”

Sometimes I scratch my head at the songs that weren’t singled from a great project. Right now, the Perrys’ “We Will Be Changed” and “Walk Away Free” are the first two to come to mind, but there are dozens of others.

I think the Collingsworth Family hit the nail on the head by sending “Light from Heaven” to radio as their current single. It’s #40 on the May 2007 Singing News Chart, and I’m hoping it will at least make the top 20. It’s not a huge ballad or a Lazarus-style megahit; it’s just a simple, pretty tune with a nice arrangement and vocals. The first time I heard the Collingsworth’s God is Faithful CD, I thought they should send that song to radio, and over the past year, I’ve had the same thought again every time I heard that CD. They have a new project coming out soon, so this will have to be the last single from this project. I’m glad they got it out in time.

While my thoughts are rambling a little, I don’t think the Collingsworth Family has had a breakout hit song yet. For the Cathedrals, though “Last Sunday” and “Statue of Liberty” set their pace for the ’70s, I point to “Step Into the Water” as their breakout hit. For Greater Vision, of course, it was “My Name is Lazarus,” and for the Perrys it was “I rest My Case at the Cross.” The Collingsworth Family has a sound and a stage presence that could put them right up there with those groups; they just need that breakout song to help put them there.

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  1. Glad to see you recognize the Collingsworths. They are a class act and worthy of the positive press! I’m waiting on a smash hit from this talented family. There is no more talented pianist in Southern Gospel than Kim Collingsworth.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Keith! You are right, they deserve every bit of positive press they get.