Sony’s Thoughts: Sitting at Jesus’ Feet

I was sitting in Freedom Hall at the National Quartet Convention watching the Booth Brothers when Michael Booth began to sing “Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet.” I remember hearing Gary Sheppard sing that song years ago and I heard Michael sing it last year but this particular evening, I received a mental picture that I would like to share with you.

I picture myself in Heaven slowly strolling the streets, still somewhat dazed, wondering if I’m dreaming and not quite sure what to do with myself.

As I look up, I see Jesus up ahead, smiling at me as if maybe He is also wondering what I’m going to do once reality finally sinks in. As soon as my brain clears and I realize who He is, I run toward Him, throwing my arms around Him and clinging to Him in ecstasy. After a while, I let go and step back, looking into His face once more. The love pouring from His eyes is like none I’ve ever seen. Such an intensity that brings tears to mine.

He smiles as He says, “My beloved child, welcome Home.” He takes my hand and begins to walk back where He had come from. I don’t even think about where we’re headed; I’m just happy to be with Him. He leads me to His throne where He releases my hand and takes His rightful place. In awe, I sit at His feet staring up at Him in amazement that I’m finally there … in Heaven … with Jesus. Wow! Can this really be happening? Suddenly, all my worldly cares are forgotten for all I can see is His face!

I don’t notice the streets of gold; I don’t notice the walls of jasper; I don’t notice anything but Him and I am convinced that if I sit there looking at Him and listening to Him for all eternity, it would not be long enough.

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  1. Bravo Bravo and Bravo again…

  2. Brings tears to my eyes, Sony!!

  3. I am crying right now! Daniel, you couldn’t have put it better! That is my favorite song:-) Thanks alot for sharing that!

  4. Beautiful, Sony!

  5. I’m so glad you all have been blessed by the picture God gave me. It won’t be long, Folks. Our trials here really are only light and temporary in light of eternity.

  6. A family trio of women sang this song at our camp meeting the first time I heard it. They were not professionals at all, but it was beautiful. While they were singing (I remember clearly from nine years ago), their daughter/niece/cousin (respectively), who had been living in horrible sin for years, got under conviction and came up to the altar, and made a change in her life for good. She got saved just a month or two later. I think this will always be one of my favorite songs, due to that memory.