Are the feature interviews too long?

Are the feature interviews I do for this site too long?

I realize that what comes out to eight or nine pages when formatted may be more than most people want to read on a regular basis.

And if they are too long, should I

  • (a) Cut out some information and only stick to the highlights, or
  • (b) serialize the interview, posting a segment once a week for four weeks?

UPDATE (9:37 PM): Thanks for your feedback. All at once it is! Every now and then, I try to give myself a reality check. Am I doing things the way I am because that’s the way I like it? because that’s the way I’ve always done it? or because that’s the way you like it? It’s nice when all three coincide!

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  1. I love your interviews and don’t think they are too long. If people want to read the whole interview after seeing a short portion of it on the main page, then they can go for it!! I would rather not have it serialized. I’d like to read the whole thing at once. And I REALLY don’t want you to cut anything out!!!

  2. Daniel, I would like you to keep the interviews the way they are currently. I enjoy the longer interviews because it gives you time to get past all the common questions you see all the time and get to the interesting things. I would also hate to see them serialized. Once I get invested in reading a interview, I do not want to reach a “To Be Continued Next Week”.

    I may even go so far to say that visitors who are not interested enough to read the interviews in the current format probably wouldn’t be interested enough to read shorter interviews.

  3. They are not too long! Keep them the way they are.

  4. I agree, keep them the way they are and I also thank you for asking for readers input.

  5. I like them the way they are. =) I may not read them when you first put them up because of time constraints, but I almost always star them in my google reader & go back to them as soon as I get the time. They are always great – length is fine.

  6. They are fine the way they are. If folks read and find they are not interested in that artist they can stop reading….but if they ARE interested they will want to continue reading at that time, not wait over several weeks and lose a train of thought and a ‘feel” for the interview.

  7. Agreeing with all the above! It might be nice for you as the blogger to serialize, but I think we the readers prefer to get it at once.

    Also – are you doing it about every month now? I had hardly caught the schedule, and I enjoy the pleasant surprise of “discovering” a new interview now and then.

    • I’m trying. I don’t force myself to do one, but that’s my approximate goal. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

      • Then I guess it’s quite reasonable that I’m surprised. 😀

      • Yes.

        Now CD reviews are (hopefully) more predictable – one every Friday!

        With features, I have had points where I have enough of a backlog that I’ll be predictable (i.e., the first or fifteenth of a month). But right now, I just don’t have enough time to pull that off!

  8. I like reading the longer interviews at my leisure, so the beginning blurbs on the main page with link to full interview is perfect for me. Thanks!

  9. Daniel, Just keep doing what you are doing now. I enjoy reading your interviews. If I do not have time to read the whole interview, I just go back and read it later when I have more time. I also want to thank you for the coverage of NQC, I was not able to attend this year, so between the live streaming and your blogs, I felt like I had been there. Keep up the good work……

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  10. I agree with everyone above. I like the interviews the way you currently do them!

  11. Interviews? I wasn’t aware you were doing any………..just kidding keep it up it’s working great!!

  12. I think they should be shorter. ( for the sake of argument alone ) or ( Leave the short stuff to the mags. )

    • Leave the short stuff to the mags. Love it! 😀

      I really need to interview you some time. I think the readers would LOVE it. 🙂

  13. I concur leave them as they are… 🙂

  14. Keep them as they are Daniel!

  15. I agree with everyone above, except the one exception, (LOL). I say keep them the way they are.

  16. Leave em as is. I like em.

  17. Thanks, everyone! Posting them all at once is my preference, too.

    But I try to do a reality check on just about any aspect of the site once in a while. Am I doing something just because it’s the way I like it, or (worse) just because it’s the way I’ve always done it? Or do the readers actually like it that way, too?

    Of course, I can sometimes run into an issue that if I do something a certain way for long enough, the readers will get used to it and prefer it. 😀

  18. I’m on the bandwagon Daniel, leave them the way you have been doing them.

    Please don’t serialize. I’m old and having to remember from week to week would be sad. 🙂

    As I always say, it’s your blog, do it the way you want. If I don’t want to read it that way, my issue, not yours. But since I read your blog daily, you must be writing it in a way I like!

  19. I too like the interviews the way they are. There is information someone might think is trivial; but for another is something they wanted to know/hear.

    I love detail – the more the better.

    Keep up the good, lengthy interviews.