Picking a Pianist Nominee

My sisters also have a subscription to Singing News and decide between themselves who they will vote for in the Fan Awards. They had a difficult time deciding who to vote for for Pianist. They decided first that they would vote for someone who was alive.

They narrowed it down to Kim Collingsworth and Matthew Holt. But they hadn’t heard either live and so couldn’t decide.

So they decided to solve the problem the Moravian way: by lot. In Colonial days, the Moravians were known for taking Proverbs 16:33 literally; a Moravian man’s wife would even be picked by lot!

My sisters decided to place both names in a hat and pull one. But since that would be too few names, they decided, they would put all ten names in the hat and pick either the first or the last.

The first was Roger Fortner, and since they wanted to vote for a pianist, they decided they would go with the last.

Matthew Holt’s name came out third or fourth, so he was out. They had pulled out quite a few names–but hadn’t counted exactly–when Kim Collingsworth’s name came out. That could be the last one, they thought, but decided to check in the hat one last time first.

So into the hat they went and found another name: Adam Crabb. They couldn’t believe that they’d actually vote for a Crabb, and so they decided to check the hat again.

As it turned out, there was one more name in the hat. Roger Bennett.

I had told them I was going to vote for Roger one last time to honor his family, but they had told me they weren’t going to vote for a dead man. I guess God had other plans.

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  1. No one who has ever heard Kim Collingsworth live would ever vote for anyone else.

    True story: before the Collingsworth’s became famous and started touring they were booked locally on the same program with Anthony Burger, Ivan Parker, and Kirk Talley when the took some engagements as The Trio. After the program Anthony Burger told the promoter, in dead seriousness, “Don’t ever put her on the same program with me again.” Even he recognized genius. This lady will make you forget everyone else.

  2. Jim,

    I am giving serious thought to voting for her next year, especially if Stewart Varnado doesn’t make the top 5. For that matter, if Roger Bennett doesn’t make the top 5 this year, I just might vote for her this year, too.

  3. I love Stewart Varnado! And he is a friend, and I voted for him for the past several years, but after hearing Kims projects and seeing her in person at PianoRama @ NQC this past year, I have to vote for her! She was the most talented, and her playing unto the Lord brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! Each player brought special talent(@ NQC) and had their own personality, but when Kim played, it was a worship session!

  4. I am just going to have to hear live sometime…as soon as possible! 🙂

  5. Kim has my vote…an incredible keyboard talent. I have heard her live several times and agree…her playing is not only awesome but anointed. Daniel…you have to hear her in person.

  6. I agree, I have to see her in person…but they have to come close enough first! 🙂

  7. Amen to Kim…the whole awards thing is a little creepy to me…marketing is what it is…but if someone is going to get them, might as well be someone deserving.
    Kim’s talent and devotion is amazing!
    Phil said it…she leads you to worship God.
    I believe that Jesus said that “the Father seeks” such as that.
    Something tells me that it is not our approval that motivates Kim C.
    At sogospelnews Awards I told her “thank you for giving your talent to Him”. It is gloriously obvious.

  8. Thanks for all the nice things you all have said about Kim. Someone told me about this blog and as her brother I wanted to check it out. I know she is humbled. She is trully not in it for the show. She loves Jesus, absolute excellence in music and worshipping God through her piano.
    Thanks again

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Troy!


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