Video of the Day: “Miracle in Me” (Hoppers)

The other day, I came across a video of the Hoppers singing “Miracle In Me.” Of course, since that was a huge song for the Greenes when Kim (Greene) Hopper was still with the group, I anticipated that Kim would naturally be featured.

But as the video starts, the four singers on stage are Greg Bentley and Claude, Connie, and Dean Hopper. So I fell upon my backup hypothesis—that this was shortly before Kim would come on stage, and she was waiting in the wings to come in on the second verse or encore and blow the roof off with a power finish.

But no. In this video, it’s Connie delivering both the mellow opening lines and the power finish. With aplomb.

Now Connie seems to be content to quietly blend and let others have the spotlight. But if that has ever fooled you into underestimating her singing abilities, watch this video:

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  1. I would estimate this video was done in 1987, a good year before Dean and Kim even tied the knot.

  2. The thing that stands out about this video to me is reminding me how often Greg Bentley actually sang the high harmony above Connie. I’m wondering if there has ever been another major SG artist who had a man regularly singing higher than a lady. Greg did it well. Find a clip of “Citizen of Two Worlds” for another example.

    • Greg did it well, that’s for sure!

    • Thanks Stacey, and to help answer the question of if another guy regularly did this, Johnny Cook did with the Goodmans after Vestal and Howard retired the first time. He sang the part above Tonya most of the time.

  3. Yes, this is definitely before Kim was in the group, when she was still with her brothers , the Greenes.

  4. Yes, the Greenes Had the #1 song “When I knelt” , then Kim goes and marries Dean and immediately the Hoppers have their first #1 “Here I am” but I think Greg left before Kim came or maybe right after…..

    • The album that had Here I Am was Kim’s first recording with the Hoppers and my last. We actually split that album since it was coming out in the transition time.

      • That is fascinating! I hadn’t realized it was split – I’d just assumed it was Kim and never paid close attention. I’ll have to go back and listen to it more closely now, to figure out which is which!

  5. Kim left the Greenes at NQC ’89 where the announced Amy Lambert was taking her place. I believe Greg left in June/July of ’89. As for the Hoppers singing the song, they probably sang it because it was popular…not necessarily because they wanted to make it their own. It was a popular song; and I’m sure there were far more groups who sang it–not just the Greenes and the Hoppers.

  6. I love Connie’s vocals. She really had the power vocals back then and she can still do it even though it is rare. Perhaps age is a factor in her backing off a bit, I’m not sure. But nonetheless, her features in songs are always very strong.

    • I enjoy hearingConnie sing on “Freedom Band,” “Going Home Forever” and several other songs. Love also her alto blend with the family.

  7. Wow, what a shock to see this footage today. I wish I was still that skinny! Yes, this was before Kim started traveling with the Hoppers. We actually recorded this on a favorites cassette of songs that people requested. When Kim came to the Hoppers, I went to the Down East Boys. This brings back wonderful memories of traveling with my (Adopted) family, Love them to death!

    • Well, you sure don’t weigh much more! 🙂

      Neat footage, and thanks for the background information!


  9. Greg is in great shape, and his voice is still just as finely tuned today, as it was then!

    • You are too kind Trav! 🙂