Video of the Day: Marshall Hall concert

Since the comment threads in my posts discussing Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall are still active, I know first-hand that there is an ongoing interest in their music. I get requests often enough for updates on any Marshall Hall solo concerts that I can’t pass these videos by.

He did a solo concert in Venice, Florida last Sunday (September 27) . . . and Wes Hampton showed up. Here they are, singing “Home”:

Other video highlights:

I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary

Jesus Loves Me

Search Me Lord

There is a River


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  1. I would’ve loved to have been there. It’s nice to see (and hear) Wes and Marsh together.

  2. YEAH! 😀 Can’t wait to watch these. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this video on your blog, it just started my day out right.

  4. I went to this concert! It was amazing! I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to go. 🙂

  5. Who’s the other guy with them? (He’s good)

  6. The one in the yellow is the music minister of the First Baptist Church the concert was at. Wes and Marshall asked him to sing with them on 3 or 4 songs. And he was very good!

    • His name is Greg McClure. He did awesome with Wes and Marsh. I too had the privilege and blessing of attending. So great and fun to watch these guys as they worshiped the Lord and bounced off each other’s talents!

  7. The video was great. Nice to see Wes with a different group. Listened again to there is a River and still was a little disappointed. I don’t believe they followed the tune as should have been. It was one of my favorite songs for quite a number of years. It was otherwise A okay,

    • The rendition of There Is A River was great. Good job, guys. How I wish I could attend one of Marshall’s concerts.

  8. Thanks for posting these, Daniel! I have missed seeing/hearing much of Marshall since his GVB days. It’s good to hear Marshall and Wes together once again–and the minister of music does very well himself!

  9. Again all I can say is bravo again…Marshall and Wes are a pair
    and they get along as friends and one can feel they have JESUS in their hearts…The minister was good but Guy Penrod would
    have been my choice…If Marshall has a mailing list have him put
    me on it…As I have said before he is not a 10 but 11…Joe sahadi

  10. I’ve been wondering how Marsh was, and am very glad to see he’s singing. I can’t figure how Wes has the time to do it, but I’m glad to see him w/Marsh. Now, if only the three could just make their own trio. I’ve been reading Guy’s site, and he’s lonely as can be for his old group, and I can tell from what he says, he’d rather NOT be on his own, doing solo. He’s like a fish out of water. He says he wishes he was with Wes and Marsh. I wish Wes had the time to just get the 3 together as a permanent group, the way GOD intended. The sound that they make as a group is nothing short of HOLY HARMONY! Definitely a God thing. When God puts a group together, they should STAY together. I feel very strongly that Bill Gaither made a big mistake…If everyone just reads the comments of Marsh and Guy, they would see the same thing, and you all HEARD how PERFECTLY AWESOME they sounded together in GVB. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. I vote for WES, GUY AND MARSH to get together as a group! ANYONE ELSE????

    • If you have heard anything Marshall has said regarding touring and all that, he wasn’t really into it. In fact to quote Marsh he wasnt in his “sweet spot” when he was with the Gaither Vocal Band. Bottom line, groups change all the time. These guys dont want to be away from their families so much. In Guy’s case he was with the GVB for many years and maybe he wanted to be home for a while, or in position to make his own schedule. The insinuation that Bill Gaither somehow broke up something that God ordained is laughable and insulting to Bill. We dont know that circumstances regarding the decision to change the group. We can read into whats said and speculate all we want, but unless someone was in that room, we shouldnt comment. By the way, Wes has a current group, Marshall has a job as a worship leader in Phoenix and Guy is doing his solo thing. So, yes in some aspects, I think you are wrong.

      • Guy said Bill Gaither asked him if he wanted to recored a solo album. Guy was all set to do it but told Bill that he couldn’t record a solo album while a member of GVB, he didn’t think it would be fair to GVB or to him. There could’ve been conflict in scheduling. So it was Guy who decided to leave. Of course it’s only normal that he would miss his old group. Bill is a good guy to keep Wes on with the Michael, Mark and David powerhouses and giving him a solid participation in the group’s performances. Marsh has God-given vocal talent. He doesn’t have to struggle for his range and never tries to outdo anybody else. He doesn’t have to. I wish him and Guy God’s continued blessings. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful videos of Marsh.

      • But didn’t Wes just record a solo album while still being a member of the GVB?

  11. Wendy I sure do AGREE with you…To me they made the vocal group…Can you see who Gaither is priming to step into his
    shoes!!!Whenever he decides whatever he
    wants to do…To me only Marsh,Guy and
    Wes were the BEST vocal group…This is my opinion…Joe Sahadi

    • Does it ever occur to anybody that maybe Marsh and Guy wanted to leave and Bill had to figure out how to put things back together at the last minute?

      Think about it. If that’s really what happened, then Bill had to think FAST. So who does he have on lead now? Well, Michael impressed him on the Reunion, and Bill decided he’d like to have him back. David was probably getting tired of his, er, solo career and wanted to come back too. Perhaps ditto for Mark Lowry? And Bill kept Wes because he likes him, he’s a great singer, and he and David have a cool sound together.

      So whatever you may think of Bill’s decision from a vocal perspective, it was a very good decision from a business perspective—and it may not entirely have been his decision.

      • I think thats a vaild argument, we dont know the circumstances. I think it’s clear, particularly after listen to the most recent GVB effort, that there is no doubt the talent level was downgraded when they went to the 5 man lineup. Obviously Phelps is good, but the tenor part was great with Wes and now its even stronger. The problem is the other parts are pretty weak. Mark has never sounded better, unfortunately he is following Marsh, who is an amazing vocalist. The bass part has never been a focal part of the vocal band. As far as the lead goes, if they were gonna go back to days gone by I think Buddy Mullins would have been a better choice.

      • Actually, believe it or not, I think I preferred the tenor sound with just Wes. I find David’s style something of a distraction, tell the truth. Interestingly, I feel like the baritone may be the one place where I’m okay with the change, as I actually prefer Mark’s style to Marsh. But as for lead, I completely agree with you.