Sony’s Thoughts: Pondering Valleys

For those who have read my writings for a while, you may remember my struggle a year or so ago with accepting valleys as from the hand of God and determining to accept them if that’s what it takes to draw me closer to Him.

As I was praying this week, I’ve thought of how far God has brought me and how He continually shows me His goodness and gives me grace for each valley that I face. Sure, there are times I still end up in tears but I’m holding to His hand and I know He’s not going to let me sink to the depths. Somehow, He keeps me looking up and, when I do that, this valley doesn’t seem so large.

As I was praying the other day, I asked God that, when I’m on the mountain and I feel it start to crumble beneath me, if He would send angels to bear me up on their wings. I would love to be able to see the valley but to somehow stay above it and, with His grace, that’s how I would like to live. Sometimes it may be necessary to feel the pain of the valley to be able to better comfort others who are going through the same thing but I want to stay built up so I can encourage those people. Life may be hard but God is so good and I don’t ever want to communicate anything different.

I don’t yet have all the answers but I know everything is for a purpose and I want that purpose to be fulfilled. If it takes a valley in my life to draw others to Him, then I want to be willing to allow that. With Him carrying me I know I can.

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  1. When I read this story (true) It did reminded me , of myself. You do wonder about the valleys.They are there for just that reason.. I keep climbing that mountain till I reach the top and I know Jesus will be there to take care of me, to hold my hand and show me the way. The valleys are pretty low and as he said, maybe you are also there to hellp others, in the same way you are hurting. That is very true. I know the PAIN and the hurt, but GOD always has a reasonand He will touch you as you touch others. Thank you Jesus.