Video of the Day: Brian Free on bass

We thought we knew the extent to which Brian Free was a freak of nature.

Turns out the phrase is an understament, at least if these videos are for real. There’s really no reason inherent to the videos for it to not seem real; it looks like he’s really singing the low bass part. And Jeremy Lile’s tenor definitely sounds like a bass falsetto.

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  1. This is great! Brian Free has such a unique voice that I never knew it could go this LOW!! Great stuff! Looks like he had fun changing it up too!

    Thankso much for sharing!

  2. If I was to close my eyes, I would think it was Ray Dean Reese! LOL!

  3. I sing bass as well and I sound worse than Jeremy on tenor! LOL! We have tried to switch a couple times! I am not the greatest bass but I am definitely the WORST tenor! LOL

    • I agree, you do sound pitchy when you go tenor, J.C. Thanks for the post, Daniel!

      • There is always one in every crowd!!!!! Robert is ours!

  4. That is a classic!!!!

  5. Ray Dean Reese, eat your heart out!

  6. Daniel this is definitely real, I’m suprised Brian hasn’t ask the poster to remove it. Sure it was an interesting night to say the least.

  7. It’s real. I’ve seen them twice in the last 6 weeks and they’ve done it both nights. Here’s another version of it from Bessemer, Ala.

  8. … obviously this was done just for fun, and I for one thought it was hilarious!!! …

    (edited to remove reference to a comment I had to delete – admin.)

  9. I am the one that asked Brian Free to sing this song at First Assembly in Savannah, Ga. Trust me it was real. I had seen a previously posted video on Youtube of them doing this song. When he introduced the song, he said someone has recorded us doing this and posted it on youtube. That is why he makes the comment, don’t anybody record this. He was joking, as there were phones and even video cameras up ready to record. It was hilarious. The crowd loved it, and Assurance acted like they were having a blast. I have been to dozens of BFA concerts and this was probably the best I’ve ever been to. It was an awesome night.

  10. Very neat!

    There was an inappropriately negative comment earlier. I apologize for not being able to remove it sooner.

  11. i thought this was for comments, good or bad.


  12. [EDITED]

  13. I apologize for the misunderstanding, but that is all I will apologize for.

    I do not allow negative comments on this blog, and that’s that. If something can be said in a constructive way, more than likely it will be allowed. But if it can’t, post it elsewhere.


  14. Yes, I did delete it. This is a free country, and you are free to start your own site and post anything you like.

    But this is a site I pay to maintain, and I won’t have anything negative about artists or the genre up on a site I play to maintain.

    Sorry for any confusion!

  15. I posted this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again here…
    After watching these videos, I don’t feel so bad that Brian Free heard and commented on the Blogger/Forums Quartet! :o)

    As for it being a free country, you tell ’em Daniel! It IS a free country, which is why you are free to remove from your property any trash that offends you. It’s always hilarious when someone uses that argument to complain about their comment being deleted. Carry on…

  16. Please take me off your list of subscribers. I enjoyed your articles and will miss them, but there are others. I might be 78years young and housebound, but I don’t have to hear four letter words on a Christian Blpg?

    • Of course, you’re not obligated to read anything here.

      But I will say (in case anyone is keeping score) that I always delete four letter words on this blog. At least if they are bad words!

  17. Absolutely hysterical! Brian sounded like Ray Reese…and that’s saying something for a tenor like him!

    I appreciate Brian having fun like this even though he pays great attention to detail in pulling off a professional performance. It shows class when you can be professional, but yet have fun.

  18. I agree with you Daniel. It is a free country and we have the choice of which blog that we read. I have been reading your blog for a little over a year now and have always enjoyed it. I appreciate you editing things that are offensive whether it be “four letter words” or just plain out of line. It is your blog, you pay to upkeep it, it is your rules!! We as readers must abide by your rules. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  19. I have to say that I have never HEARD any four-letter(read bad)words on ANY Christian blog.

    I’ve READ some from time to time(NEVER on this one)but I have yet to actually HEAR any.:-)

  20. I agree with you Inquirer. I am not sure where and when these “four letter” words occurred but I have never seen them on here.

    • It actually seemed to me Beverly was referring to something in connection with one of the videos. Maybe she clicked on a “related video” on the Youtube page that had some off-color language. (She did say she “heard” the four-letter words.) Certainly I’ve never seen any foul language here on this site.

  21. Thanks Brian. You are the only one that understood. I heard the four letter words. I have never read any on this Blog, but no one seemed to see what I was saying. On the second video of Brians, when it was over some thumb nail pictures came up and I thought it was some more of the artist, so I picked one and the four letter word was not the only things said . So much was made out of nothing. I would never say anything against an artist. I have written alot of comments and Daniel knows this. By the way, the same thing is still on the bottom of Brians video. It is called Me and Connor. It is terrible.

    • Keep in mind that Daniel can’t control what videos are connected to the ones he posted. Any youtube video is prone to have that sort of thing. He would never purposefully post inappropriate content, and he didn’t in this case. Any clicking we do outside of what he posts is up to us.

      I hope you won’t stay away from this site because of this misunderstanding. Daniel tries very hard to keep comments and content positive, and many of us are frequent visitors because of this.

      • I’d like to add that I’m not Brian Free, just in case anyone got confused. Just a plain ole SG fan who happens to be named Brian. 🙂

      • Including that disclaimer is probably a good idea on this thread. 🙂

    • Beverly,

      Thanks for the explanation. I understand better now.

      From the way the initial comments were worded, it sounded like you were saying that Brian was using four letter words, and I just don’t allow negative stuff like that here.

      I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  22. Thanks again Brian. I would never have thought, about You Tube that way. I guess I was wrong. I have listened to some of my favorie Gospel music, this time watched my favorite stars and when they where done, the thumb nail videos came up and for three hours or more, this kept happening. I saw and heard so many and ended up, with the most Precious Lady , of Gospel music, VESTAL GOODMAN, had a crying good time, so something like what happened to me will Never happen to me again. I was on You Tube and nothing like that happened, so i was very surprised. Thanks for warning me of that.

  23. Daniel:

    Sorry we had this missunderstanding. I don’t believe it will ever happen again. I would like to keep receiving The Southern Gospel Blog, if it is okay with you. I would miss it too much. I really didn’t think things like that could happen. I Guess I’m to naive. I will learn. Sorry for the taking up so much of your time. Keep up the good work. It really is worth it, as you are good at what you do. Beverly

  24. Thank you. The thumb nail videos that are on there now. That s what i thought it would be all along. Much better.

  25. This is GREAT. I’ve been a fan of Brian Free since he was with Gold City and have followed his career. I’ve also been a fan of Jeremy’s since he was with Crystal River. I’ve seen him with them, but other than on TV, haven’t yet had an opportunity to see him with BFA. I look forward to that sometime in the future. I love the songs , “Save Me a Seat at the Table” (?) and “If He Has to Reach Way Down” they are currently doing on the Enlighten XM Radio channel, which I get through DirecTV.
    Keep up the good work Daniel – you have many fans out here.

  26. And Brian made fun of the forums quartet.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t say that … he was curious, but that was all.

  27. The video reminds me of Jeremy Peace’s group (the name slips me right now) singing “Echoes From The Burning Bush” where they do the same treatment. Great stuff!