Men of Music return to the road

After three years off the road, the Men of Music announced yesterday that they are coming back. They left the road when group owner Mike Bullock’s wife Carolyn was diagnosed with cancer. Though she is in full remission, Mike is enjoying spending time at home enough that he himself is not returning.

The group is now led by the previous iteration of the group’s final baritone, Greg Colburn. Former Men of Music lead singer Rodney Tyson is returning, and new tenor Chris Walton rounds out the trio.

They are working on a new release and on a website. In the interim, they can be contacted via phone at (615) 562-5394 or (601) 573-4602.

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  1. Hey Daniel. Rodney actually lives in Corinth, MS which is only 25 minutes from me. That is pretty cool. He has been singing with Cross-City Quartet that is from Corinth. He sang lead for them for about a year, I guess. They just formed last year if my memory serves me correctly. I noticed on their website that Rodney had left them. He is a great lead singer. I am anxious to hear the “Men of Music” sing. Thanks for the post.