Video of the Day: Jubilee, 2009 style

Here’s what the Gospel Singing Jubilee would look like in 2009 . . . highlighted by a guest appearance by the original host, Les Beasley.

Even with the undeniably legendary status of the original featured groups, today’s groups could produce a show just as high quality.

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  1. Except today’s groups would play with canned accompaniment, like Karaoke performers, where yesterday’s used live musicians

  2. This was great! Can’t wait to see L5, BB, and GV doing this together in January!!!

  3. That wouldn’t bother me all that much. In fact, though I like the live stuff, I’m not sure that it is a big difference either way

  4. Let’s not get on that soapbox again. I love “canned” music.

    • lol… I’m with you.

  5. Of course, I see the Blackwood Bros there, and they were there back then too.

  6. I agree Samuel. I am 27 years old and never saw any of the old Jubilee shows. I would love for my daughter to be able to watch a show like that!! She already is in love with the Dixie Echoes “Live in Pensacola” DVD. She will turn 2 next week and she is already in love with Southern Gospel! Of course, she is around it all the time with her daddy and uncle singing in a quartet!

  7. They should actually relaunch the show. That would be cool. It could give newer, younger artists a head start by featuring them as guests.

  8. That is some very good singing!

  9. I agree with Samuel. Good idea, but we do have great groups, as shown on the video, that sure could pull it off. These groups have been around long enough. to do it justice. I can’t say they would be better, but comprable.

  10. Bravo Bravoand another Bravo…J.S.