Keith Inman joins Priority

Mike LeFevre’s Priority Quartet just announced their new bass singer, Keith Inman, yesterday.

Inman is brother to Triumphant Quartet’s Clayton (uncle to Scotty) and had sung with the same family group that launched Clayton Inman’s career, The Inmans. Inman filled in with the group for several months, but yesterday officially welcomed him as a full-time member.

Inman replaces Priority’s original bass singer, Stacy Bragg. Priority lead singer David Staton stated that Bragg’s work schedule “became increasingly difficult in allowing him to do dates.  We certainly hated to see him give his resignation.  His personality and vocal ability helped to build this group from the ground floor.”

Mike LeFevre said that Keith is already being received well: “Folks who have seen Keith with us have really responded well to his singing and interaction with them.  Keith has the amazing ability to connect with people instantly.” (And that’s from someone who knows whereof he speaks.)

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  1. Being from the Memphis area, I am very familiar with Keith. He is a very good bass singer. I have wondered for a long time why he was not with a full time group. Congrats to Keith and Priority!

  2. Speaking of Priority – tenor Gus Gaches was singing (auditioning) with Legacy Five tonight. Who is singing tenor with Priority. Gus was a natural with L5. He would be a great choice to replace Frank Seamans.


  3. Hmm Jeb that is interesting… I really hope Gus lands the job… He is a PERFECT fit for Legacy Five…

  4. Has he left priority? Or did they just have an off weekend?

  5. Seems like this would be a good move for Gus and a huge step up for Legacy Five. If I’m not mistaken, Priority is based out of Georgia while Legacy V is based out Nashville. Gus is a Nashville guy so it makes sense from that perspective.

  6. 6. Yes it would be a step up for L5… Gus would give them a second singer that can really carry a BIG ballad type song… And also he writes songs and can help engineer projects… 5. I actually think this past weekend was a weekend off for Priority so I don’t think he has left them… But that does not mean he did not or is not trying out for Legacy Five… I know for a fact he is at dollywood right now singing with them… But he could be just filling in… But my sources say he is definitely trying out for the job… here is to hoping he gets the job… Scott Fowler would be very wise to offer it to him… I don’t think Priority would have any trouble finding a replacement for him they are established enough…

  7. Saw on the Priority schedule where they were singing this past weekend. I guess the means Gus and the group have already parted ways?

  8. I read on Gus’s Facebook page last night that he was heading out with Priority today… So he has not left them…


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