DVD Review: The Legacy, The Legend, The Lady (Eva Mae LeFevre)

About a year ago, several former LeFevres family and group members gathered for a special concert to commemorate Eva Mae LeFevre’s 90th birthday. Though nobody there knew this, it ended up being Eva Mae’s final recorded performance. Performances from the former members are interspersed with several numbers performed by Eva Mae, with piano accompaniment by her long-time pianist, Mark Fuller.

Janet Paschal opened the concert with “Rock of Ages Hide Me Again.” After her song, the film cut to a conversation between Janet and Singing News’ Les Butler about how Eva Mae had taught her to be a professional.

Eva Mae sang two numbers, “Mansion Over the Hilltop” and “I Can Call Jesus Anytime,” with a video clip of Les Butler talking with her about her upbringing between the two songs.

After a video introduction from Eva Mae, her nephew Mike LeFevre and his group (LeFevre Quartet / Priority) sang the classic song “Must I Go, and Empty Handed” (penned by her brother-in-law Alphus LeFevre).

Former LeFevres member Ron Hutchins was featured on a brief interview segment before the next number, “Child of the King,” featuring Eva Mae’s pianist, Mark Fuller, singing the solo, with Eva Mae joining on the choruses. On the final chorus, an unidentified third voice (Janet Paschal’s?) joined in a third harmony part.

Ron Hutchins, Eva Mae, and Janet Paschal sang “Leave it There.” Janet had her part spot-on from the first note, and Ron picked his up quickly.

The LeFevre quartet returned for “Without Him.” Mike LeFevre sang the first verse; tenor Gus Gaches had the second, and took the melody through the end.

The Talley Trio kicked off the final song, “Sweeter as the Days Go By.” After the second chorus, all the singers featured at one point or another in the program joined them for the ending.

The video was finished and prepared for release before Eva Mae’s passing this May. Though not originally intended as a tribute, it serves as a good one—and perhaps as a good introduction to fans newer to the genre, just now discovering the over 70-year-ministry of this legend.

Rating: 4 stars. ♦ Produced by: David Staton. Available from: Label. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: Rock of Ages Hide Me Again (featuring Janet Paschal); Mansion Over the Hilltop; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; Must I Go And Empty Handed (featuring LeFevre Quartet / Priority); Leave it There (featuring Eva Mae, Ron Hutchins, Janet Paschal); Without Him; Sweeter As the Days Go By (featuring the Talley Trio, the LeFevre Quartet, Janet Paschal, Ron Hutchins, Mark Fuller, Eva Mae).

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  1. You are right Daniel, Eva Mae is a legacy and was a perfect sweet Lady. She was loved by so many. I will always remember Her on her 90th Birthday, being on Gaithers Homecoming show, with her Son. You could not watch Her singing the best , as She could, which was still good to me, without tears running down your face. I will never forget The Legacy and most of all A Gracioux Lady.
    A DVD will be wonderful. I sure would want it. I can see her smilin and singin for Her JESUS, in Her own incomprable way.