DVD Review: Grand Finale (Crabb Family)

Crabb Family - Grand FinaleThe Crabb Family retired over two years ago; they announced their retirement in August 2006 and came off the road in August 2007. New Haven Records—a label that is probably best known for their compilations of recordings from Southern Gospel legends—recently released a DVD of the Crabb Family’s final video performance as a group.

Until last November, when the McKameys scored their 15th #1 with “Between 12 and 33,” the McKameys and Crabbs had been tied for most #1s ever on the Singing News chart at 14 each. The Crabb Family included four of those songs, “Please Forgive Me,” “The Lamb, The Lion, and the King,” “Please Come Down to Me,” and, of course, their signature song, “Through the Fire,” on the video.

The video starts and ends with the driving uptempo material the final lineup of the Crabbs was best known for. In between, there are several segments where the pace slows for a relaxed acoustic set of several songs.

The Crabb Family kept a live band on the road through their final tour, and used it here to good effect, with few if any soundtracks mixed in with the largely live sound.

The video was recorded in standard definition, but the quality is as good as standard def footage can be—the lighting and the placement and focus of the cameras are excellent. The editing is also well done, using split screens or even quarter screens to highlight the live band when appropriate.

The extras are valuable additions. Each of the five touring siblings—Jason, Adam, Aaron, Terah, and Kelly—is featured in a behind the scenes interview segment. Concert and behind the scenes footage is mixed in to make each segment a 5-10 minute mini-featurette.

There is one bonus song, “Redeemer” (the Nicole C. Mullen song that the Crabb Family cut on Blur the Lines). Some footage from what appears to be an early-90s or late-80s visual depiction of the life of Jesus is spliced in. It’s as much or more a testament to the live film crew that the concert footage comes across as being of a higher quality than the visual depictions of Jesus.

Rating: 4.5 stars. ♦ Group members: Jason Crabb, Kelly Crabb Bowling, Terah Crabb Penhollow, Adam Crabb, Aaron Crabb. ♦ Available from: Label. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: Promised Land; My Keeper; Greater is He; Travelin’ On; Sacrifice of Praise; Amazing Grace; Please Forgive Me; Please Come Down to Me; Because of Who You Are; I Surrender All; Through the Fire; I’m Going Home with Jesus; Good Day; I’ve Come to Take You Home; I’d Rather Have Jesus; The Lamb, The Lion and The King; Can’t Nobody Medley / Power in the Blood (Bonus Track: Redeemer).

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  1. Is the bonus track of “Redeemer” also available on the cd? I know you did a DVD review, but I would like to know if it’s on the cd as well.

  2. Anyone notice that the keys on the piano played by themselves? This was a midi/player piano and the piano part was coming from a midi sequencer. I have never seen that in a video before.

    • No, I hadn’t noticed that. Fascinating!

      • What part is the midi playing piano at? I’m a keyboard/piano player and i find things like that interesting…and i must have missed this somehow

  3. Just got this DVD for Christmas, but haven’t had time to sit down and watch it yet. Thanks for another great review, Daniel!

    • You’re welcome!

      And with this review I prove that a project doesn’t have to be traditional or middle of the road to get a glowing review and a good rating here. 🙂

      • Good for you! Oddly enough, that thought crossed my mind. You’re great about keeping up a variety on here.

      • I try to give something a fair review, even if I don’t like it. But truth be told, as I was going through this, I ended up finding myself liking several tracks!

      • That’s good to hear. In all honesty, I found myself not liking the Crabb Family as much as the years went on and they strayed away from their more “middle of the road” SG sound. I hate to say that because they had been favorites of mine, especially since they are from my area. But I’m looking forward to this DVD, since reading your review.

      • It may not quite be your cup of tea throughout, but it’s done well enough that you’ll probably find yourself liking parts of it at any rate.

  4. I just bought the dvd a few hours ago. Can’t wait to hear power packed vocals. I love the Crabbs.
    From Cape Town, S. Africa 🙂