CD Review: Mercy Met Me (Calvary’s Way)

Calvary’s Way is a regional quartet based in Macon, Georgia. They are perhaps best known for the reports a few years ago that their bass singer, Lane Rainwater, had been hired by the Florida Boys after Gene McDonald left. For whatever reason, despite the reports, the Florida Boys ended up hiring Butch Owens, but it did cause a number of curious fans to check out their website and sound.

Mercy Met Me is a collection of ten songs. One, “I Feel His Promise,” was written by Jeff Gibson and was previously recorded by Heaven Bound. The other nine were written by album co-producer Monty Milikin. Though groups that primarily record songs by one songwriter can fall into the rut of doing song after song that sounds alike, there is a good mix of fast songs (“Build on Jesus,” “Give the Bible a Try,” “I’m Going Higher”), slower songs (“You’ll Never Thirst Again”), and big ballads (“Mercy Met Me,” “I am Home.”)

Most of the songs feature the lead or baritone on solos (unless the tenor sings in a significantly different register on solos). Lane Rainwater provides a solid harmony bass part. The bass, baritone, and lead stay solidly in their ideal ranges; the tenor sounds as though he may be pushing his limits at points.

The song selection and production quality would make it a decent project for a mid-tier professional group; for a regional group, it’s impressively well done.

Rating: 3.5 stars. ♦ Group members: Steve Sark (tenor), Ron Papizan (lead), Robert Cripe (baritone), Lane Rainwater (bass). ♦ Produced by: Ron Papizan, Monty Milikin, Randy Miller. ♦ Available from: Artist. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: Build on Jesus; You’ll Never Thirst Again; Mercy Met Me; Give the Bible a Try; He’s My Everything; I Am Home; He Went All the Way; I Feel His Promise; I’m Going Higher; When We Meet the Saints.

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