CD Review: Breakthrough (Ball Brothers)

Several years ago, the Ball Brothers released their debut self-titled project and went on tour with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. At the time, they had a fairly straight-ahead trio sound. Three table projects and a second baritone later, this foursome is far harder to classify.

One almost feels that their three table projects—Vocalized, Simplified, and Christmas—though each good on their own merits, were largely interim projects while they settled on what musical direction they wanted to take the group. With Breakthrough, they’ve hit on a consistent and unique sound. It’s not really a quartet sound; it’s more a trio-based sound, with the ability to do more complex arrangements than just three parts can handle.

A casual fan of Southern Gospel would think that this was a project of new songs. It certainly does have the feel of a project with new songs, but in point of fact, eight or nine of the songs have been previously recorded.

  • Everyday, Every Hour: Cathedrals
  • I Wouldn’t Miss Heaven: Singing Americans
  • It’s About the Cross: Go Fish, also known as the group that introduced “Christmas With a Capital C,” covered by Legacy Five
  • Glimpse Of Your Glory: Original, to the best I can determine
  • Tell It Like It Is: Scott Krippayne
  • Sometimes He Calms the Storm: Scott Krippayne
  • Forgiven: Dave Williford Band (on A King’s Ransom, 2007)
  • Keep Me on the Wheel: Gold City
  • He Did What I Couldn’t Do: NewSong
  • I’ll Do Anything: Also recorded by Christian country singer Wess Adams; however, it’s not clear whether Adams’ or the Ball Brothers’ version came out first

The album has quite a bit of material for fans of the progressive side of the genre; fans of the traditional side of the genre will point to “I’ll Do Anything,” a soft ballad featuring tenor Andrew Ball, and “Keep Me On the Wheel,” featuring a guest vocal by co-producer Darren Rust, as favorites.

Going with a sound this different and unique in a genre that loves the predictable is a risk. But the Ball Brothers are young enough and new enough on the scene that they can try something different if this doesn’t work for them—and if it does work, their unique sound will make them instantly identifiable on the radio and help them carve out their own niche in the genre.

Rating: 4 stars. ♦ Group members: Andrew Ball (tenor), Daniel Ball (lead), Stephen Ball (baritone), Josh Ball (second baritone). ♦ Produced by: Darren Rust, Jason Webb. ♦ Available from: Group. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: Everyday, Every Hour; I Wouldn’t Miss Heaven; It’s About the Cross; Glimpse Of Your Glory; Tell It Like It Is; Sometimes He Calms the Storm; Forgiven; Keep Me on the Wheel; He Did What I Couldn’t Do; I’ll Do Anything.

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  1. I bought the new CD when it came out and have listened to it half a million times. I love the Ball Brothers unique sound, blend, and the chemistry of the group. Their top 5 favorite and I’m really hoping they come around here sometime soon so I can make a live concert.

  2. I’ve looked all over for the guitar tabs for “I’ll do anything” and I can’t find ANYTHING! Can someone help me??

    • Victoria,

      It’s illegal to post lyrics (and, thus, lyrics with chords) online without permission of the copyright owners. You might try contacting the artist or the songwriter – they’re pretty much the only two who could legally help you.

  3. could you tell me what year the song, It’s About The Cross, was written.and what year it became popular.



    • I don’t know. Perhaps someone else around these parts does know, though!

    • It was written by Jamie Statema of a MN based Christian pop/CCM group called the Go Fish Guys. I believe it became popular after appearing on their Christmas album “Snow” around 2006.