CD Review: Jubilee (Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five)

jubileeSince this review is several months after the release of this project, there’s little to say that hasn’t already been said in several excellent reviews. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] The project came about after Singing News posted a poll on their website asking whether fans would rather have a recording with one or more than one of their favorite artists. Enough selected “more than one” to catch the attention of Michael Booth, Scott Fowler, and Gerald Wolfe, who planned this project.

Two songs (“Jubilee” and “Jesus Will Hear Me When I Pray”) feature the entire choir. Each group is also featured on one solo song; Greater Vision sings “He Pilots My Ship,” Legacy Five sings “Someone Who Cares,” and the Booth Brothers deliver a smooth swing rendition of “In the Sweet By and By.”

It’s where the groups combine that the unique potential of the idea is brought to the forefront. Glen Dustin, being the only bass in the ensemble, is featured on a Legacy Five / Greater Vision rendition of ” I Can Hardly Wait.” He also joins the Booth Brothers on “Jesus My Wonderful Lord.” Scott Fowler, Gerald Wolfe, and Michael Booth—the three who came up with the project—deliver a power trio sound on the second verse of “Come Unto Me.”

Kudos to Jacob Kitson for doing an incredible job on the graphic design. It gives the project a classic, classy look that fits the songs perfectly.

Fans of these three groups—and of classic convention-style singing done well—will want to add this to their collections.

Rating: 4.5 stars. ♦ Average song rating: 4.1 stars. ♦ Group members: Jacob Kitson, Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin (Greater Vision); Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth, Jim Brady (Booth Brothers); Frank Seamans, Scott Fowler, Scott Howard, Glenn Dustin, Tim Parton (Legacy Five). ♦ Produced by: Gereald Wolfe. ♦ Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: The Happy Jubilee; Come Unto Me; He Pilots My Ship; I Can Hardly Wait; In the Sweet By and By; Someone Who Cares; Better Hurry Up; Jesus My Wonderful Lord; Life Will Be Sweeter Someday; Jesus Will Hear Me When I Pray.

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  1. This really is a great project. I have the CD and DVD, really enjoyed it.

  2. I was in Ft Worth TX when they “rehearsed” Jubilee during Praisefest. Fans came from as far away as 1100 miles to Iola KS for the debut of the project. Many of us attended all three sold out concerts. What a weekend!!! I hope there are many more CD’s and DVD’s like this one. Great job!

  3. Love it there should be alot more of this main streaming in the world today,and oh yeah ROLL TIDE!!


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