CD Review: Expecting Good Things (Jeff & Sheri Easter)

Two years ago, after thirteen or fourteen years on the road with Jeff & Sheri Easter, Charlotte Ritchie resigned and started a solo career. When Jeff & Sheri announced that their fourteen-year-old daughter Morgan would be taking Charlotte’s place at the soprano spot, many fans wondered if she had what it took to hold down the soprano spot.

Expecting Good Things is the first Jeff & Sheri album with Morgan on soprano. Though it has been available on their table and their website since last fall, it releases to stores tomorrow—a few days past the two-year mark of Ritchie’s departure.

Giving Morgan the time to grow into the role paid off. Though Ritchie was either a first soprano or a second soprano with a first soprano’s voice quality, and Morgan is more a high alto, she holds down the part ably. She sounds like a younger version of her mother; since Sheri Easter has one of the most recognized and loved alto voices in the genre, that’s hardly a bad thing. Her two feature songs, “Time For Me to Fly” and “I Need You More Today,” are among the album’s highlights.

At thirteen songs, fans definitely get their money’s worth. “The Sun Will Shine Again” is a standout uptempo track. Sheri’s strongest features include “Love Remains” and the album’s closing track, “Hear My Heart.” Jeff Easter is featured on “In the Name of Jesus” and “I Get To.”

With Expecting Good Things, the new all-family vocal lineup of the Easters moves forward without missing a beat.

Rating: 4 stars. ♦ Group members: Morgan Easter (soprano), Sheri Easter (alto), Jeff Easter (lead), Madison Easter (guitar), Kyle Calloway (drums). ♦ Produced by: Jeff Easter, Sheri Easter, Greg Cole. ♦ Available from: Artist, bookstores. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: The Sun Will Shine Again; Born to Climb; Time For Me to Fly; Love Remains; Working On a Road; I Know I Love You; Expecting Good Things; Over the Mountain; I Get To; I Need You More Today; I Don’t Wanna Cry; In the Name of Jesus; Hear My Heart.

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  1. The Easters have always been a tremendous blessing to me. I loved Charlotte, still due, but I think Morgan is doing great. This family is just special to my heart. My fav song of theirs is “Over & Over”. Morgan will due just fine… .

  2. I have followed Jeff and Sheri’s career since their very first recording. While I have not heard this new project, I think their last recording–which I believe is their first one as a full-fledged independent project–is one of their very best to date and produced some great singles. I can only expect more of the same great music from this CD and plan to get my copy today! In fact, I’m not sure why haven’t gotten it already since it’s been out for a while–my oversight. Jeff and Sheri just always seem to know what works for their group and their audience and I’m glad they’re making their own music independently.

  3. Is it better than Life Is Great and Gettin’ Better?

    • In my opinion, yes.

  4. I guess it’s just coincidental that this coincides with this CD being discounted from Springside today?

    Speaking of which, I just read the email and saw the 20th Anniversary GV album. I never knew that was coming up … is it really a new release? And is it with Jacob?

    • Yes and no. I didn’t know they would be featuring it; however, the official retail release date is tomorrow, which is why I featured it (and probably why they did, too).

      I believe it’s a new live release.

    • Yes. They have a new 20th Anniversary Live DVD and CD out. And yes, Jacob is singing on it. Most of the music is fan-chosen Greater Vision favorites. There are a few new songs, however, and they are well worth the purchase of the CD, in my opinion. Rodney Griffin does not disappoint, that much is for sure.

  5. My running favorite of Jeff and Sheri’s is an older project called Silent Witness. In all honesty, I think this one at the very least is equal to it. Really, I think it has surpassed anything they’ve done. I am a huge fan of Charlotte Ritchie and loved her singing with them. That aside, I do not feel you can top family harmony. We could spend time debating Charlotte vs. Morgan, but that would be rather silly and very unfair. I think Morgan has developed so much as a vocalist and as a performer since she started singing full time with Jeff and Sheri. If you have not heard Expecting Good Things, I think you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed with Morgan’s vocals. She has the richness that I love so much in Sheri’s voice.

    This is a fantastic CD that is so full of heart. I had no doubt that it would be, given that they recorded it during Sheri’s battle with cancer. This must have truly been a beautiful labor of love for them and that fact is very evident in the recording. I think it’s a wonderful project.

  6. Saw them in concert on Friday and picked up the new CD. Definitely their best yet!