Booth Brothers to appear at Concert of the Decade – This Evening

In about an hour, at 8:3o PM EST/7:30 CST, the Booth Brothers will represent Southern Gospel at the Concert of the Decade. This is a concert featuring the biggest acts in various genres of Christian music. It’s to benefit the Gospel Music Association, the organization that awards the Dove Awards; evidently, the organization has fallen on hard financial times.

To be present in person costs $1000. But the stream is available for free online; sign up here.

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  1. I tried to log in so I could watch the concert but had trouble getting it to work, was disappointed.

  2. It took me close to 50 minutes to finally get connected. I saw about 8 minutes of the concert and the system froze and I could not get back on. What a shame of the GMA.

    • I tried but couldn’t get in, either. The stream kept freezing.

      Basically, they couldn’t anticipate demand, even though they had people sign up with email addresses in advance. That’s the part that makes it odd.

  3. The Booths sang “Castles In the Sand” with Ronnie playing acoustic guitar.

  4. That’s all I saw.

    • OK, I understand! I gave up before they came on!

  5. I don’t believe they sang anymore than that.

  6. Oh, I see!

    Well, even singing one song in that type of setting is an honor and an opportunity for the group (and in another sense, our genre.)

    • Absolutely. They did fantastic (as they always do).

      • And I like how they chose a song that would have been so different from a lot of the progressive stuff there.

        I’m not saying that “The Blind Man Saw it All” would have been a poor choice. What I’m saying is that if you’re sharing a stage with Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, and other acts of that nature, a simple, acoustic, harmony-driven song is an awesome pick. 🙂

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